Unearthed Potential: Carbon Farming as Earth’s Hidden Climate Solution.

[![Carbon Neutral Farming with Dr David Gillespie | Macka’s Beef](youtube_link)](youtube_link)

**Carbon Neutral Farming with Dr David Gillespie | Macka’s Beef**

In this informative video, Federal Member for Lyne, Dr David Gillespie, sits down with Robert Makenzie, owner of Macka’s Beef, to discuss the concept of carbon neutral farming. Dr Gillespie and Macka’s Beef have conducted extensive scientific analysis of their soil carbon profile and have proven that they are truly carbon neutral, sequestering more organic soil carbon than they produce within their entire beef operation.

Macka’s Beef is dedicated to implementing sustainable and best practices on their farm to achieve carbon neutrality. This includes cattle rotation, aeration, mulching, and the use of organic fertilizers. They also prioritize tree planting in unproductive areas, which not only helps with carbon sequestration but also promotes longevity of their farm.

Dr Gillespie raises concerns about recent actions in Europe, where thousands of farms are being closed due to the false premise that agriculture is a cause of global warming. He also acknowledges the uproar in Ireland over a proposal to cull dairy cows to meet climate goals. Dr Gillespie argues that agriculture, with proper soil management and sustainable practices, is essential for food security and the wellbeing of the human race.

Not only has Macka’s Beef achieved carbon neutrality, but they have also seen positive impacts on their cattle’s health and fertility. Their customers and end consumers can feel confident knowing that the beef they are purchasing is fresh, environmentally-friendly, and of high quality.

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To learn more about the concept of carbon neutral farming and its implications, check out these authoritative sources:

1. [Carbon Neutral Agriculture](source_link_1) – A comprehensive guide to understanding carbon neutral farming practices.
2. [The Importance of Soil Carbon](source_link_2) – An in-depth analysis of the role of soil carbon in carbon neutrality.
3. [National Party](source_link_3) – Official website of the National Party, which Dr David Gillespie represents.


Federal Member for Lyne Dr David Gillespie discusses carbon neutral farming with Robert Makenzie owner of Macka’s Beef.

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