UBS Acquires Credit Suisse: A Significant Development Unfolds – Speculating on the Next Move

**Welcome back everyone, is the rally on or what’s the story folks because we had big news and it’s always a weird time when you watch these markets because I think a lot of investors think that a bailout means hey the rally to the Moon is back on everything is good we are Ready to rock and roll and I argue that it is not that time it is not time to party it’s not time to you know uncork the champagne what we’re seeing now is the beginnings of other things starting to crack and of course the financials The banks right now are in the news and if you haven’t been watching this oh boy Credit Suisse and UBS are out there striking up deals of a lifetime huge win for UBS and for their shareholders and everything else this is a monstrous monstrous takeover and I’m Just blown away by it but the markets rally why because it’s now cutting off another issue moving forward word and we’re going to look into that as well as what’s going on in the overall markets here in the states what are we looking at because someone’s come out and said Some uh things about where we could be in the next 60 days and we’ll see if they’re right but I’ll tell you what we got a lot to unpack today but before we get into it make sure you take advantage of the 17 stocks from MooMoo down below Put 100 bucks in get seven free stocks five worth up to 2 000 a piece and two AI draws if you put a grant in 15 stocks worth up to 2 000 a piece plus the two AI drugs and you can follow me on there I have my little community over there Also you got the Weeble all you gotta do is click that down below in the description put a dollar more in you get up to 12 stocks worth up to thirty thousand six hundred and come on over and join me at the patreon see the portfolios take advantage see what’s Rocking and rolling see how we’re trying to get to the next level and avoid the pain train and get the gain train that’s what we’re trying to do here all right now what am I talking about I I intro I intro code this a little bit ago and of Course you’re seeing the one big winner in many Losers of ubs’s credit uh or Credit Suisse Rescue all right UBS save them and of course there was a lot of people a lot of moving Parts they wanted this done by before the markets in Asia open this screams this absolutely Screams the Panic that we saw back in 2008 and 2009 this absolutely this absolutely reeks of it in my opinion I remember that like it was yesterday this is another headline like we ever have we got to get it done the Market’s gonna open no things can get worse and man That kind of panic and then you add that with this for the US academic study Flags 186 Banks is vulnerable to run as Silicon Valley Bank was and**

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**Stock Moe’s Massive News Update: UBS Takes Over Credit Suisse and the Banking Collapse**

In this video, we discuss the recent news of UBS acquiring Credit Suisse in a major banking takeover. This deal signals a potential collapse and raises questions about which bank could be next[^1]. We also examine the current state of the markets and explore the possibility of an economic recession in 2023. Various indicators are showing negative signs, similar to the 2008 financial crisis[^1]. Additionally, we delve into the potential consequences of government bank bailouts and how it could impact the economy negatively[^1][^2].

Old Uncle Sam’s involvement in the financial markets is also a cause for concern. Any disruption in the debt ceiling could lead to a significant market downturn[^1]. To navigate these challenging times, we offer insights on how to invest in 2023 and discuss warning signs to watch out for. We also evaluate the best growth stocks to buy now and provide updates on our investment strategy[^1][^2].

Join our Patreon community to gain access to exclusive content and insights into our portfolios[^1]. We also offer a Discord community for Patreon members[^1]. Please note that the content provided in this video is for entertainment purposes only. Stock Moe is no longer a licensed broker/financial planner, so it is essential to consult with a licensed professional before making any financial decisions[^2].

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MASSIVE NEWS THAT YOU NEED TO SEE NOW! UBS TAKES OVER CREDIT SUISSE! WHO IS NEXT? UBS buys out Credit Suisse and another action happens in this banking collapse. Something will need to give in one of those two arenas and I can let you know which one I think it will be. I go over all the things that need to be known moving forward. We are seeing crypto and stocks rally nicely over the last few days.

Current affairs and banking news today shows that SVB collapse and other bank collapse is happening. Some research into the banking crisis 2023 shows some things are worse than 2008. The government has offered a bank bailout which may make the economy worse. Warren Buffett meeting 2023 with the government is similar to what happened in 2008. This banking crisis 2023 has just begun. Eight out of ten indicators (LEI) are negative and that may be indicative of a future economic collapse. Will the bank bail outs continue? We need to keep an eye on banking news today.

Well, looks like old Uncle Sam is at it again and may just yet crash the stock market. You will want to see what is up their sleeves this time. If they mess with the debt ceiling, we just may see a huge drop in the markets.

I go through how to invest 2023 version for a recession. I have many warning signs that I go over as well. You need to see this video. The banks came out and said some things about what we can expect very soon. It was not good news.

I consider this one the best chances for my portfolio to create generational wealth. With crypto down 70-90% and even more at times, this could be one of the last chances at creating major wealth.

I go over the stock market and talk about how I see 2023 playing out and how I will be investing into it. Will we see another official correction in the S&P 500 or will it turn into an official bear market of 20% or more loss? I go over my opinion on this and the stocks I just bought. We saw a ton of red in the stock market today from what I believe is partly because of the Fed. We take a look at the best growth stocks 2023 and the best stocks to buy now. The best growth stocks to buy now are here.

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