Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Views on the Government led by Narendra Modi

**Title: Jack Dorsey’s Remarks on Modi-led Government: Threats to Shut Down Twitter in India**


In this thought-provoking interview on Breaking Points, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reveals how the Indian government issued threats to shut down Twitter in the country. With India being a significant market for the social media platform, Dorsey opens up about the pressures they faced regarding the farmers’ protests and criticism of the government. The government’s actions, including raiding employees’ homes and threatening to shut down Twitter offices, have sparked a heated debate about freedom of expression in a democratic country like India.

In this video, we explore the controversial allegations made by Dorsey and the government’s response to them. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of this issue and shed light on the ongoing tensions between social media platforms and governments worldwide.

Watch the full interview with Jack Dorsey on Breaking Points: [YouTube Link]

**Key Topics Covered:**
– Jack Dorsey’s statements on the Modi-led government
– Threats to shut down Twitter in India
– farmers’ protests and criticism of the government
– Freedom of expression in democratic countries

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Jack Dorsey: Jack Dorsey’s Remarks On Modi led Government |Twitter | CEO | English News | BJP | Modi

Former Twitter Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey said that the Indian government had threatened to shut down the social media network in the country.

“India is a country that had many requests of us around the farmers’ protests, around particular journalists that were critical of the government,” Mr. Dorsey said on June 12 in an interview with Breaking Points, a YouTube channel. “And it manifested in ways such as, ‘we’ll shut Twitter down in India’ — which is a very large market for us — ‘we’re going to raid the homes of your employees’ — which they did — ‘we will shut down your offices if you don’t follow suit’ — and this is India, a democratic country,” he elaborated.

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