Trump’s stance on one of DeSantis’ treasured buzzwords evolves with surprising flip-flopping.

**Title:** The Evolution and Controversy Surrounding the Term “Woke” in the Political Landscape | CNN


In this thought-provoking video, CNN political commentator Errol Louis delves into the evolution and controversy surrounding the term “woke” over the past decade. Originally a battlecry and prominent hashtag used by Black Lives Matter protesters, the term has now become a catchall buzzword to describe ideas and individuals that conservatives dislike[^1^]. Even former President Trump acknowledges that the term has lost its meaning, yet he continues to employ it when it suits his messaging[^1^].

Louis discusses the potential vagueness of the term “woke,” arguing that many people struggle to define it accurately. Instead, it has been used as a tool to criticize various issues such as military policies and social activism[^1^]. Trump often criticizes the concept of “going woke,” suggesting that it undermines the country’s ability to combat threats[^1^].

Moreover, Louis explores the irony and internal divide within the Republican Party when it comes to the definition of “woke.” He highlights how Trump has consistently redefined political discourse according to his needs, focusing on personal branding rather than aligning with specific policy issues[^1^]. This strategy resonates with his supporters, who are more concerned about his overall messaging than term-specific consistency[^1^].

Drawing a broader picture, Louis suggests that the term “woke” symbolizes a shift towards grievance politics, whereby blaming the other based on perceived differences takes precedence over inclusion and understanding[^1^]. Trump’s election, driven by the white working class’s frustrations, demonstrated their desire to fight against perceived enemies such as immigrants, people of color, and progressive movements[^1^]. However, Louis warns that this exclusionary approach may not fare well in a general election[^1^].

Finally, Louis asserts that Republican candidates vying for Trump’s support need to reevaluate their strategies. Rather than solely relying on tribalism and attacking perceived enemies, they must articulate clear principles and engage in extensive education efforts to communicate their beliefs effectively[^1^].

Witness the thought-provoking analysis of the evolving term “woke” and its implications for politics in this engaging CNN video. Don’t miss Errol Louis’s insights on the subject.

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[^1^]: “The Evolution and Controversy Surrounding the Term ‘Woke’ in the Political Landscape | CNN,” YouTube video, 12:01, posted by CNN, January 27, 2022, [](

Over the last decade the word “woke” and its uses has evolved, especially in the political landscape. Trump is now saying the term has started to lose its impact — yet he continues to employ it when it supports his messaging. CNN political commentator Errol Louis breaks it down. #CNN #News

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  1. I'm confused. So how do I say wake in the past tense in the English grammar now??? At this point, the term "woke" may as well be defined as the term that WILL get you in serious harm in red states. I really did Nazi that one coming in an American election.

  2. All these sky screaming liberals crying about democracy with a President that will not debate or campaign that wants to arrest his opponent? lol. Is that what your democracy looks like? You liberals look more like the SS everyday Hitler would be proud.

  3. Woke is used by conservatives because the think it triggers progressives.
    Thats what I can't stand about politics in general, it's all about owning the opposing party instead of doing whats right on behalf of the people you were elected to serve.
    No one ever has a good word to say about anyone else these days.

  4. Trump and DeSantis don't even know what woke is..
    WOKE — having an active awareness of systemic injustices and prejudices, especially those involving the treatment of ethnic, racial, or sexual minorities…
    Hell I bet both dont have a clue how that term or slang started

  5. Woke has never been anything other than a bastardization of the English language. "Woke" is the past tense of the verb "to wake." It is not an adjective. But in common discourse it was used by the radical left as a new calling card to rally under after "social justice warrior" earned its stigma of radical lunacy. Now woke has earned the same stigma.

  6. I used to consider myself Woke…. until woke became turn anything I ever admired that was white into a transgender mixed race female that I don't just have to respect, but I must go out of my way to " be inclusive and celebrate someone's diversity" or I'll be labeled racist… well, now go fk yourself

  7. A-well-a everybody's heard about the bird
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    — Surfin' Bird
    Song by The Trashmen

  8. Why are they ,laughing? This is full in fascism! This is how it all ends unless we fight back now United against a genuine threat!

    Woke means 2hat ever they need it to mean to hate and attack someone.

    And these poor ignorant working class fools worship a billionaire! Whose never helped anyone or fought for his country.

    And trans gender isnt a movement unless being hetero or gay is now a movement lol, and let's not forget the Jews who they blame for everything lol

    This is the face of evil. We either stop laughing and get busy defeating evil or succumb to it.

  9. What can any common sense American expect from a political party that attracts uptight conservatives, the outdated, white, supremacists, racists and anti-gay bigots. It’s so ridiculously simple: to thrive in modern times one has to be willing to learn and change with the times otherwise, they will suffer from irrelevant. What the hell do they think is happening to them with their losing streak since 2020?? to be under, woke a.k.a. asleep on the road of life means they’re deepest fear is change – The entire maga movement has reminded most of us Americans grow up, evolved and ditched our parent’s outdated, limited ideologies a long time ago! Life is a party, so no one fun and happy wants to go to a party with uptight, hateful prudes 😂

  10. Trump is really dumb. He can't afford to continue attacking DeSantis and making an enemy out of him. Trump may need a Presidential pardon or Clemency from the Governor of Florida. If I had committed the crimes that Trump is about to be prosecuted for, I would be keeping my relationship with DeSantis close, tight and cordial.

  11. ATT; Mice Pence, comes from a religious back ground, Perhaps Christian. And these are the people pushing the anti-Trans agender/LGBTQ+agender as well! He's the one that whispered in trumps ear in the white House, to make laws against the LGBTQ+fam. He's no good for President!

  12. Woke is bullshit when it comes to black lives matter protest because the notion that police are disproportionately killing blacks is just NOT true at all when it comes to the real police data collected from counties across the country and compiled by the FBI.
    In fact, per arrest, whites are shot by police slightly more than blacks.
    And, because whites commit twice as much crime as blacks, twice n as many whites are shot than blacks.
    Twice as many whites are shot by police than blacks. That is the REAL facts, though not the anecdotal bullshit presented on the media.
    The media never once shows a white person being shot by police even though it happens twice as much. They only show blacks being shot so the moron masses who cannot think critically think that police are only shooting blacks.
    Now it is true that blacks are shot more often per capita but that is because they commit far more crime. For example, blacks compose only 14% of the population but commit 35% of the crime and 53% of violent crime.
    But, per arrest, blacks are shot LESS than whites.
    If blacks want to be shot less often, then they should commit less crime, especially violent crime.
    Deal the the REAL FACTS HONESTLY. but the media won't do that.

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