Trends in Enterprise & Cyber Technology: NEXUS:ISRAEL Dealmakers 2021

# Transforming Retail: Trends in Technology and Cyber – Panel Discussion

## Description:

Welcome to this panel discussion on the latest trends in technology and cyber in the retail industry. Join our esteemed panelists, Alan Boehme – CTO & IT Innovation Officer at H&M Group, Guy Horowitz – Partner, Growth Equity at Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, and Nicole Priel – Partner & Managing Director at Ibex Investors, as they share their insights and expertise.

In this conversation moderated by Anthony Juliano – General Partner, CTO at Landmark Ventures, we’ll explore the transformations and opportunities in the marketplace, from an investor’s perspective to retail innovation and market trends. Discover how technology and cybersecurity are shaping the future of retail and what it means for both organizations and consumers.

## Key topics:

– Retail innovation and market trends
– Transformation in the retail industry
– Omni-channel approach and customer-centricity
– Sustainability and social responsibility
– Impact of technology and capabilities
– Role of engineering in retail organizations
– Investing in early-stage founders
– Bridging the gap between Israel and global markets
– Building a world-class advisory board

Don’t miss this engaging discussion and gain valuable insights from industry experts. If you have any questions for the panelists, use the Q&A function located at the bottom right of the screen.


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Featuring Alan Boehme, Chief Technology Officer & IT Innovation Officer – H&M Group, Guy Horowitz, Partner, Growth Equity – Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, Nicole Priel, Partner & Managing Dirctor – Ibex Investors
Moderator: Anthony Juliano, General Partner, CTO – Landmark Ventures

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