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**YouTube Video Description: Santiago to La Serena Bus Journey | Exploring the Beautiful North of Chile**

Welcome to our new video! Join us on a journey from Santiago, the capital of Chile, to La Serena, the capital of the Coquimbo region. This bus trip is a popular route for tourists, connecting these two beautiful destinations. Discover the stunning beaches of La Serena and experience the convenience of different bus companies connecting this tourist zone with Santiago due to high demand.

In this video, we take a ride on the G7 Marco Polo bus operated by Antimar, showcasing the surprise and excitement of having Antimar buses traveling to the north. As someone who hadn’t been to the Coquimbo region for a long time, I’m thrilled to embark on this adventure and show you the sights along the way.

We start our journey at the San Borja Terminal in Estación Central, navigating the streets of Santiago before hitting the Ecuador Avenue. Passing through Villa Portales, we then enter the General Velázquez Highway, offering breathtaking views of Cerro Renca and the surrounding community. Enjoy the picturesque landscapes, even though the region is currently experiencing a drought.

As we continue on our route, we pass through various towns such as Huertos Familiares, Rungue Montenegro, Las Paletas, La Cumbre, and Los Azules. Keep an eye out for the legendary Cerro Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America.

Approaching the Cuesta Las Chilcas, known for its archaeological significance and local myths, we enter the rural areas where legends of the “ermitaño de las chilcas” have been passed down. Explore the mystery surrounding this mythical figure and the stories woven into the fabric of the region’s history.

We then reach Yaichay and soon encounter the Las Vegas toll booth. For those considering this journey, note that the fare for the Santiago-Coquimbo-La Serena route is around 20,000 pesos for a salon cama seat. The estimated travel time is approximately 6 hours.

Passing through the eerie Calavera Tunnel, named after the discovery of bones during its construction, we enter the scenic Quinta Region. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Cordillera de la Costa and make a stop in La Calera, known for its cement production.

Join us on this unforgettable bus journey as we showcase the beauty of northern Chile. Don’t forget to hit subscribe and turn on notifications to stay up to date with our latest travel adventures. #Santiago #LaSerena #Chile #Bus

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El viaje entre Santiago y La Serena es muy habitual. Diferentes empresas conectan esta zona turística con la capital chilena, debido a su alta demanda. La capital de la región de Coquimbo destaca por sus hermosas playas.

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