TLV Arbitration Week 2023: Illuminating the Abraham Accords and ADR Prospects in the MENA Region

### Abraham Accords – Jurisdictions: Exploring the Israeli Legal System and Arbitration

Welcome to this informative panel discussing the Abraham Accords and their impact on jurisdictions, featuring distinguished experts in the field. The panel is moderated by Adv. Menashe Cohen, President of IICA, and includes H.E. Justice Shamlan Al Sawalehi from DIFC Court, Dr. Gilad Noam from the Israeli Ministry of Justice, Judge Dr. Daphna Avnieli (former) from Tel Aviv District Court, Khalid Elfataoui from the Morocco Israel Business Association, and Adv. Stuart Newberger from Crowell and Moring.

In this video, Dr. Daphna Avnieli provides valuable insights into the Israeli legal system, with a specific focus on arbitration. She shares her personal experience as a judge, highlighting the importance of understanding the different languages spoken in the courtroom and the diverse legal influences in Israel.

Israel’s legal system has evolved from English and Ottoman law to the development of original Israeli laws. Dr. Avnieli explains how these various legal systems coexist in the country and the efforts made to integrate into the international community of judges, lawyers, and arbitrators.

She further elaborates on the three-tier court system in Israel, comprising the Magistrate Court, the District Court, and the Supreme Court. Each court has its specific jurisdiction and plays a crucial role in maintaining a fair and diverse legal system. Dr. Avnieli also discusses the appointment process for judges in Israel, emphasizing the importance of a committee that comprises members from different sectors.

Regarding arbitration, Dr. Avnieli acknowledges the increasing popularity of alternative dispute resolution methods in Israel, such as arbitration and mediation. She highlights the workload on judges in the country and encourages parties to consider arbitration as a viable option.

In Israel, the arbitration process is governed by the arbitration law from 1968, which is in need of modernization. However, unless stated otherwise, parties involved in arbitration proceedings must adhere to this law. Dr. Avnieli also addresses the issue of parallel proceedings and the circumstances in which parties may choose to litigate a case instead of opting for arbitration.

Join us for this insightful discussion on the Israeli legal system and the role of arbitration. Learn from our esteemed panelists about the jurisdictions affected by the Abraham Accords and gain a deeper understanding of the legal landscape in Israel.

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Panel 1: Abraham Accords – Jurisdictions
Moderator: Adv. Menashe Cohen – President IICA
H.E. Justice Shamlan Al Sawalehi, DIFC Court.
Dr. Gilad Noam, Deputy Attorney General (Int.) at the Israeli Ministry of Justice
Judge Dr. Daphna Avnieli (former) – Tel Aviv District Court
Khalid Elfataoui, President Morocco Israel Business Association
Adv. Stuart Newberger – Crowell and Moring

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