Title Screen replaces Karwane Geya Sequential Indicators and Second Key, Bringing #xuv700 back home

#### XUV700 Workshop Visit: Sequential Indicators and Second Key Experience

In this captivating video, I take you on a virtual visit to the workshop where I addressed screen defects in my XUV700 Ax7L Awd. Join me as I share my firsthand experience with you!

During the visit, the experts thoroughly inspected the screen, but interestingly, no faults were found. However, something exciting occurred – I managed to acquire sequential indicators and a second key for my XUV700 Ax7L Awd. It was an unexpected surprise!

If you’re a Mahindra XUV700 enthusiast or someone interested in the latest automotive advancements, this video is a must-watch. I encourage you to hit that like button and subscribe to my channel for more incredible content.

### Key Highlights:
– Sequential indicators and second key for XUV700 Ax7L Awd
– Workshop visit to resolve screen defects
– Exploring the world of XUV700 enhancements and experiences

Don’t miss out! [**Watch the video now**]( to discover the unique features and improvements in the Mahindra XUV700.

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#xuv700 #mahindra ..visit to workshop for screen defects…no faults found but got sequential indicators & second key for my xuv700 Ax7L Awd ..
Sharing my experience…do watch ,like & subscribe
#explore #experience #ax7

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  1. Hello. I have purchased AX7 L few days ago. Will I be getting these sequential indicators for free or do I have to get them as a part of accessories? Because the dealership is telling that Mahindra has discontinued the rear sequential indicators. Please lemme know if you know anything in this regard!

  2. When did you get the delivery?

    I also have xuv700 AT AX7L. I got the delivery on 1st july 2022. Then the showroom people told me that in 4-6 months you will get the sequential turn indicator tail lamps. Now they are denying that Mahindra has stopped it. You take 6000 rupees .is it right?
    But the customer care are saying that you will get the indicators.

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