THIS is What the Future of Real Estate Looks Like

# Real Estate: The Trillion Dollar Industry of the Future

Welcome to our YouTube video discussing the future of the real estate industry with Brendan Wallace, one of the founders of Fifth Wall, one of the largest real estate venture firms in the world. With 15 IPOs and over $32 billion invested in the space last year[^1], it’s clear that real estate is a booming industry.

At Fifth Wall, they are at the forefront of real estate technology investment, also known as prop tech, which encompasses any technology for the built world[^2]. Their unique approach involves partnering with some of the largest real estate firms in the world, allowing them access to invaluable expertise and firsthand knowledge of the industry[^3].

Through their collaboration with key players in the real estate sector, they have identified several areas in need of improvement. Home buying, for example, is a process riddled with outdated procedures and limited information, which can have a significant impact on individuals’ financial lives[^4].

To tackle these challenges, Fifth Wall has invested in groundbreaking startups like Opendoor, a marketplace that provides liquidity for homeowners to acquire new properties by unlocking their existing home equity[^5]. They have also funded other real estate tech startups such as Hippo and Doma, which offer digital home insurance and digital title insurance, respectively. Additionally, Blend, another Fifth Wall investment, streamlines the mortgage origination process by digitizing the borrower-lender interactions[^6].

With the success of residential real estate tech startups like Opendoor and Blend, Brendan Wallace predicts significant growth in commercial real estate tech. Traditionally underserved by innovation, the commercial side of the industry is ripe for disruption and improvement[^7]. The application of consumer insights and the integration of technology can streamline processes such as buying or selling commercial buildings, ensuring properties, signing leases, and obtaining mortgages[^8]. The emerging solutions may involve a combination of software and tech-enabled real estate service companies, transforming the commercial real estate landscape[^9].

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Real estate is the trillion dollar industry that is lying in plain sight. Last year the space had 15 IPOs, and over $32 billion invested. Today we’re talking with Brendan Wallace, one of the founders of one of the largest real estate venture firms in the world. He’s going to take us through what the future of this incredible industry looks like.

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  1. My daughter is not going to believe we used to make a phone call, a realtor would show up to your house, sit down at your coffee table and flip through a listing presentation binder, and charge forty two thousand dollars.
    The future of real estate does not involve realtors. But iBuyers will not be mainstream because there aren’t enough people willing to accept their unfair terms. People generally want to get every drop of equity out of their property. Opendoor, offerpad lose profits when they offer fair market value, they lose demand when they don’t.
    The future of real estate will be buyers and sellers creating the supply on their own and transacting directly.
    Gen Z buyers will download keys to their phone, gen z sellers will have push button listing publishing tech. The MLS will lose relevance.

  2. what's prop tech doing for the real estate development process? I watched the entire video, it appears most of the techs right now are focused on end users. how can prop tech help developers find built able lands? how can prop tech gives advice to developers on how much money they should pay for a specific piece of land based on AI algorithm or big data? how can prop tech help development for the whole construction process? securing land and building construction are the two most expensive processes of building any building. i work in the residential development industry our company built large residential complexes, land purchase and construction hard cost usually represent 70% of the total development cost. and these costs all translate into rents or sales prices.

  3. Garry, wonderful content.
    I’m an SBA lending Operations Manager for a community bank in Texas. There is a great need for user friendly-software to bridge the gap between banks and the SBA approval process on commercial real estate loans. It is a quite tedious and painful process with many specific commercial / government requirements to be met. Software does exist but is hardly efficient for this specific type of lending. I am interested in finding a software engineer to begin a start up in the near future to fill the gaps and streamline this process. I believe there is a great opportunity for improving the process and changing the industry. I would love to be connected with someone who would be willing to invest in such a program.

  4. Around the 4 min mark about residential real estate x signing lease process — the modern solution exists, it's called Belong. We just had the most seamless & modern experience renting out our next home in Seattle!

    Love this video Garry! Great reminder that there is still so much work to do (esp in other industries) to use great software to solve the problem of digitizing archaic processes.

  5. Hi Gary, love the videos! Any chance you'll soon have Eric, Richerd, and/or Wilkins from Manifold on your channel?

    I am particularly interested in learning how two smart contracts could be used together to enable or create an NFT that reacts or is responsive to real time events (e g. the weather) or data generated from third parties (e.g. wearables that track physical activity; lab results from blood samples).

  6. Amazing video on PropTech industry Garry! Love your energy and a big fan of your channel.

    Thank you for adding chapters because very few channels add chapters, considering the time and effort involved in creating them especially with timestamps. It is really helping me navigate through your videos. We are ChapterMe, early stage startup building an AI tool that helps you by automatically generating timestamped chapters that you can easily add to your YouTube video description. We've made it dead simple to use ChapterMe and it takes less than 5 mins to create timestamped chapters for a 60 min video! This saves a lot of time, money, and effort for you and your team.

    We currently create timestamped chapters for YouTube channels such as Y Combinator and Exponent who not only grew from 2K to 100k+ in less than 6 months but we saved them 100's of hours in the process!

    If you are interested let us know. We can get automated chapters up and running for all your videos in less than 10 minutes!

  7. I can't tell you how lovely it was to hear you and Brendan talking about how much potential startups in real estate have. I'm fiddling around with a potential real estate product now and have had SO many people tell me that it's too crowded of a market to want to compete in, so this was a welcome change. You asked what we would like to see more of: more videos about different VC's like this would be cool in addition to focusing on trends in different industries. I also really liked the videos you put together on your different portfolio companies and would love seeing more of those (though obviously, that's not necessarily an infinite supply of videos!). Thanks for sharing and officially following Fifth Wall now! Fingers crossed I can get a meeting with them once I start pitching VC's in a few months! ❤

  8. yea totally agree bro, currently many many renowned cities still using archaic process for buying and selling properties. I recently sold my condo in Singapore and a lot of paper works still sending back and forth using email, WhatsApp or need to go to the lawyer firm to sign papers too. Mistakes still happen even they have been doing this for years!

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