The Ventures’ On Stage ’73 – QS Quadraphonic LP with 4.0 Surround Sound

# [Decode Quad Surround Sound on YouTube: How to Guide and Tutorial](

Do you want to experience music on YouTube with a superior sound quality that feels like you are in a concert hall? If yes, then this **Quad Surround Sound Tutorial** is just for you.

Quad Surround Sound is a four-channel audio format that provides exceptional listening experience with crisp and clear sound. And the good news is that YouTube can now play Quad Surround Sound. However, although, it can be a bit tricky to decode, but with the help of our video tutorial, you can enjoy the best sound quality possible on YouTube.

So, whether you want to listen to live performances, concerts, or music with a better sound, mastering Quad Surround Sound is the way to go.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the tutorial:

– How to decode Quad Surround Sound
– How to optimize your PC settings for Quad Surround Sound
– How to test if Quad Surround Sound is working on YouTube

Watch the tutorial now and decode Quad Surround Sound on YouTube like a pro.

## [Keywords]

– [QuadraphonicQuad Forum]( Discussion on how to decode quadraphonic audio on YouTube.
– [YouTube Help]( Official YouTube support page on supported audio formats.

This is not encoded or down-mixed into stereo. It’s already decoded into quad. YouTube can play 5.1 sound. Watch this 30 seconds tutorial if you are using a PC:

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