The SMOK Ventures: Embracing an American Approach in Eastern Europe

### Title: Master the Art of Creating and Presenting Your VC Track Record | Michel Geolier

### Description:

Join Michel Geolier, the founder of Betterfront, in this deep dive session on how to effectively create and present your track record as a venture capitalist (VC). Discover why track records hold immense importance, the essential data required, the comprehensive coverage of a track record, and the top 3 mistakes commonly made by VCs.

In this informative video, you’ll also uncover the key role storytelling plays in showcasing your track record and learn strategies to compensate for a thin record. Whether you’re a seasoned VC or just starting out, this session offers valuable insights into the American approach to VC in Eastern Europe.

Watch now to gain a competitive edge and elevate your venture investing game!

### Video Transcript:

[00:00:00] Welcome to this session where we are starting out with technical difficulties as ever, which is always exciting. I am hoping that not too many are watching us right now because I am panicking as ever. Look, it says “free live” on my site. Does it on your system? No, it’s live! It’s live! It’s live! Good, it’s life. Good, Boris.

[00:00:30] Awesome! Um, so everyone, this is a session on the American approach to Eastern European VC or venture investing, whichever word we want to use. And I’ve made a small presentation slash deck for us to go through. First of all, let’s look at this page and see why we are talking about smart Ventures as a US investor and Eastern Europe being where we are.

[00:01:00] Boris, could you give us an intro chat to the point you’re making with this slide?

[00:01:05] Sure. So, one reason we call ourselves a US investor investing in Eastern Europe is that half of our team is in the US, namely Paul and Dan Bragil, who are our founding team. Another reason is our approach to venture. Long story short, I wasn’t as impressed with the investors in Eastern Europe or Europe in general while I was fundraising in Poland back in 2010.

[00:01:30] Once I had this exit and wanted to make a change, I decided to create a VC fund that aligns more with the Silicon Valley style of investing. So, it’s not just about the approach, but also the team. The US team brings a different perspective and experience to our overall approach.

[00:02:00] I don’t hear you, Andreas. Now I’m getting messages from people saying that it is not live. Oh, it’s not okay. That’s weird. I get a notification that it’s live…

**Source:** [Betterfront YouTube Channel](authority_link)

Join us for a true deep dive on how to create and present your track record as a VC with Michel Geolier, founder of Betterfront.

We will cover everything from why track records are so important, what data’s required, what the track record should cover, top 3 mistakes made by VCs, why storytelling is key and how to compensate for a thin record (so far).

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