The Significance of DRM and Watermarking in the Cloud for OTT TV

**YouTube Video Description – Interview with Christopher Levy, CEO & Founder of BuyDRM**

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Hey everyone! In this exciting video, Steve Hawley, Head of Piracy Monitor and my partner in the upcoming Video Security Summit, interviews Christopher Levy, CEO & Founder of BuyDRM. We dive deep into the world of piracy, content security, and the work being done by BuyDRM to combat these challenges.

**About Christopher Levy and BuyDRM**

Christopher Levy, a former army officer, shares his journey from military life to becoming the CEO of BuyDRM. With roots in the music industry, Christopher noticed the emerging trend of streaming music and took a leap by wiring popular music venues in Austin, Texas with internet connectivity. This eventually led him to found Click Here Productions, a leading webcasting company, which he later sold to CMGI. In 2001, he entered the DRM space and founded BuyDRM, a company dedicated to protecting digital rights.

**BuyDRM’s Journey and Focus on Anti-Piracy**

The conversation explores how BuyDRM initially focused on DRM for music and expanded into the streaming video space. Christopher shares his experience working with major music acts and the need for DRM to protect their content while preserving its value. The early days of DRM served as a marketing tool, offering opportunities for personalized user experiences. As piracy increasingly became a universal challenge, BuyDRM shifted its focus towards anti-piracy efforts.

**Why Is Anti-Piracy Important?**

While DRM alone cannot completely eradicate piracy, BuyDRM strives to strengthen content security and combat piracy through innovative solutions. Christopher delves into the importance of anti-piracy measures in preserving the value of digital content and empowering content creators. Explore the challenges faced by content owners and the business case behind BuyDRM’s dedication to combating piracy.


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Steve Hawley, Head of Piracy Monitor, and my partner in the upcoming Video Security Summit, interviews Christopher Levy, CEO & Founder of BuyDRM

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