The Quantum Hydrogen Project: Assessing the Techno-Economic Viability of the Hydrogen Value Chain

# Technical Session 1-2: Renewable Hydrogen Projects by Mr. Miguel Muñoz

Welcome to the NEDOChannel! In this exclusive technical session, Mr. Miguel Muñoz, the Technical Responsible for Renewable Hydrogen Projects at Capital Energy S.L., shares valuable insights on the exciting world of hydrogen.

**About Capital Energy S.L.**
Capital Energy is a vertically integrated 100% renewable energy company with over 20 years of experience. They have evolved from solely developing wind projects to now constructing, operating, and commercializing renewable energy from these parks. With a current portfolio of 37 GB of renewable energy and guaranteed access to 14 gigawatts of the electricity grid, Capital Energy is one of the leading players in the Iberian Peninsula.

**Diverse Energy Portfolio**
Capital Energy has diversified its portfolio to include various new energy sectors. They currently have 5 gigawatts of offshore wind projects, 2.5 kilowatts of renewable hydrogen projects, 8 GB in hydraulic pumping, and 200 megawatts in battery storage. Furthermore, they are involved in other ventures such as renewable ammonia and renewable methanol production, as well as digital infrastructure, energy self-consumption, water management, and venture capital funding for startups.

**Spain: The Place to Be for Renewable Hydrogen Generation**
Quantum hydrogent, a subsidiary of Capital Energy, takes advantage of the new European regulatory framework, establishing Spain as the ideal location for competitive renewable hydrogen generation. Quantum Energy’s unique position stems from their compliance with the European Union’s green hydrogen certification criteria, the hybridization of their wind and photovoltaic parks, and their extensive project pipeline. With 14 gigawatts of renewable energy projects in advanced stages of development and widespread presence across the Iberian Peninsula, Quantum Energy offers a competitive edge in the hydrogen market.

**Driving Innovation and Sustainability**
Quantum Energy is involved in several innovative R&D projects, including High School, focusing on decarbonizing the entire hydrogen supply chain, and Prometheus, a European-funded project that validates high-temperature electrolysis directly integrated with photovoltaics. As an energy company committed to sustainability, Quantum Energy has identified the potential bottleneck of electrolyzer manufacturing and supply. To address this, they plan to establish a national electrolyzer factory in Spain to cater to their own projects as well as the international market.

**Developing Scalable and Profitable Renewable Hydrogen Projects**
Quantum Energy’s hybrid generation concept, in collaboration with partners such as partnesis and hollystick hydrogen skills, enables the development, construction, and operation of two types of projects: ongrid and offgrid. They meticulously select hydrogen plant locations based on specific criteria, including proximity to natural gas injection points, logistical transportation corridors, renewable generation availability, and access to electricity grids. With an initial approach of seven projects, totaling approximately 1.3 gigawatts of hydrogen production capacity, Quantum Energy is dedicated to evolving the production of renewable ammonia and methanol.

**Expanding Internationally**
As part of their growth strategy, Quantum Energy is currently in negotiations for project development in North Africa, North America, and Latin America. They aim to become an international player and see potential collaboration with Japan, not only in international project development but also as technology partners and factories in Europe.

Experience the future of renewable hydrogen with Mr. Miguel Muñoz and Quantum Energy. Don’t miss out on this enlightening technical session!

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Technical Session 1-2 by
Mr. Miguel MUÑOZ, Technical Responsible, Renewable Hydrogen Projects,

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