The Path to Becoming a B Corp: Collaborating with B Lab, Talis Capital, and Felix

# Introducing B Corps: Redefining Success in Business

**Great to have you all here and thank you so much for joining!** It’s really interesting to see so many of you interested and passionate about the process of becoming a B Corp. In this video, James, the Director of Product and Growth at B Lab UK, will share insights into the B Corp movement and the steps to become a certified B Corp accredited company. But first, let’s understand what B Corps are.

B Corps are a new type of business that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance. They prioritize different stakeholders, not just profit, and aim to encourage a global culture shift. The goal is to redefine success in business, building a more inclusive and sustainable economy[^1^].

Today’s event is in collaboration with Talis Capital, Felix Capital, and B Lab UK. Talis Capital is a London-based venture capital firm that supports visionary founders at seed and series A stages in Europe and the US[^2^]. Felix Capital focuses on opportunities in the digital lifestyle sector, supporting businesses in the creative class[^3^].

During the event, James will discuss B Lab’s purpose, mission, and the steps involved in becoming a B Corp accredited company. We also have four great businesses joining us from the Talis and Felix portfolios, currently going through the B Corp process or already accredited. They will share their experiences and challenges, providing valuable insights for early-stage businesses.

If you’re not currently ready to complete the B Corp application, don’t worry. The B Corp process can still offer valuable best practices and initiatives to implement early on in your business journey. The questions and sections in the B Corp process can help you understand and align with sustainability practices.

To ensure more interaction during this event, we have scheduled it as a Zoom call instead of a webinar. If you have any questions, click the “Reactions” button to raise your hand, and I will come to you. Alternatively, you can use the chat function, which Serena Taylor will be monitoring.

Now, let’s dive into James’ presentation. He will explore the B Corp movement, certification process, and how businesses can benefit from using B Corp tools as they grow. James is the Director of Product and Growth at B Lab UK, and he’s excited to engage with founders and individuals striving to combine purpose and profit.

Join us for this informative session and learn how your business can be a force for positive change!


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