The Outlook for Kindred Group: Shaping the Future – Capital Markets Day 2022

**Title: Kindred Group Capital Markets Day 2022: Strategic Direction and Financial Performance Update**

*Watch this video to gain detailed insights into Kindred Group’s strategic direction, operations, and financial performance. CEO Henrik Tjärnström, CFO Johan Wilsby, and other executives discuss the company’s journey, market expansion, and plans for the future.*

Welcome to Kindred Group’s Capital Markets Day 2022 in London! In this highly-anticipated event, we provide you with an exclusive update on Kindred’s strategic direction, operations, and financial performance. Our CEO Henrik Tjärnström and CFO Johan Wilsby are joined by members of the executive leadership team and key managers, ensuring a comprehensive overview of Kindred’s growth and progress.

*Timestamp of Key Highlights: [00:00] – Introduction [02:15] – Henrik Tjärnström on Transformation and Scale [07:45] – Regional Market Portfolio Presentation [10:30] – Deep Dive into Netherlands and UK Markets [14:55] – North America Opportunity Presentation [17:20] – Fireside Chat [20:10] – Strategy, Sportsbook Platform, and More [24:05] – Driving Scalability and Shareholder Value [28:30] – Q&A Session*

As we delve into the agenda, it’s important to acknowledge the historical significance of this event. Exactly 25 years ago, Kindred Group was founded in London, kickstarting an incredible journey in the gambling industry. Today, we stand proud with numerous achievements and look forward to sharing our milestones, plans, and achievements with you.

During this Capital Markets Day, we aim to address various topics crucial to Kindred’s growth trajectory. Our speakers will touch upon the journey from transformation to scale, regional market portfolios, a deep dive into selected markets including the Netherlands and the UK, and the immense potential of the North American market. We will also discuss strategies for enhancing product and customer experiences, investments in the Kindred Sportsbook platform, relaxing propositions, managing technological complexity, and driving scalability for superior shareholder value.

As you immerse yourself in this video, we encourage you to actively participate in the Q&A session. Feel free to post your questions using the instructions provided on your seats. We may even select a few questions for a fireside chat with our esteemed speakers.

Join us as we unveil Kindred Group’s future direction and reaffirm our commitment to delivering exceptional shareholder value. We thank you for your presence and without further ado, let’s dive into today’s Capital Markets Day.

*For more information about Kindred Group and our latest updates, visit our official website:* [Kindred Group](

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Kindred Group hosted our Capital Markets Day on 14 September in London. At the event, CEO Henrik Tjärnström and CFO Johan Wilsby were joined by members of the executive leadership team and key managers to provide a detailed update on Kindred’s strategic direction, operations, financial performance, and audience Q+A.

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