The Kelly File Unveils Exclusive Obama Swipe at FOX News- A Must-Watch Interview (2/3/14)

# Megyn Kelly Reveals President Obama’s Attacks on Fox News

**Video Description:**

In this exclusive interview, Megyn Kelly discusses the fallout from Bill O’Reilly’s Super Bowl Sunday interview with President Obama. The President blames Fox News and Bill for the scandals plaguing his administration. Kelly analyzes the interview and provides her insights on the President’s accusations. She questions the fairness of these claims and emphasizes the tough questions that Fox News asks, which no one else challenges him on. With the President and Hillary Clinton both taking shots at Fox News, Kelly dives into the motives behind these attacks.

## Key points from the video:

– President Obama’s interview with Bill O’Reilly sparks political fallout
– Hillary Clinton joins in on bashing Fox News
– Fox News is the only network that asks tough questions and challenges the President
– Frustration among liberals with the President’s performance and decisions
– The significance of Fox News’ coverage on Benghazi, IRS, and Obamacare
– A possible rallying call for the left-wing base
– The President’s attempt to restore support with liberals
– How Fox News remains unfazed by attacks and criticism

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