The Journey to Success: Moderna and Biontech’s Life Science Investments

**Title:** Understanding Life Science Investments: A Comprehensive Podcast Episode with Sascha Berger from TVM Capital Life Science

Welcome to this enlightening podcast episode, where Sascha Berger from TVM Capital Life Science provides valuable insights into the world of life science investments. Discover how these investments work and why they require time to yield successful outcomes.

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**Transcript (excerpt):**
“It’s not that there’s a new idea or a new cancer approach in your platform and you see success overnight. It usually takes quite a long time before we see if something really works out… There will be a lot of failures in the coming years naturally.”

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Life Science Investments need some time to become successful – in this Podcast Episode, Sascha Berger, TVM Capital Life Science, explains how life science investments work.

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#biotech #pharma #investing

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