The Impact of Leverage

**Title: The Impact of Inflation and Deflation on the Economy | Explained with Charts**

Welcome to the show! In this video, we discuss the crucial difference between inflation and deflation and how it affects the economy. As we navigate through the complexities of our financial system, it’s important to understand the challenges faced by the Federal Reserve in managing this delicate balance. Join us as we analyze the current state of inflation and deflation, and uncover the potential consequences of excessive debt and credit creation.

![Inflation vs Deflation](image-link)

## Why Is Controlling Inflation and Deflation Challenging?
Leverage and escalating debt pose significant obstacles in controlling inflation and deflation. As we add more leverage to the system, striking a balance between the two becomes increasingly difficult. If we continue down this path, the consequences could be dire. The Fed may be forced to pour endless amounts of money into the system, ultimately leading to rampant inflation. Discover why managing this delicate dance between inflation and deflation has become harder than ever before.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the future of our financial system, we must explore all the factors at play. Join us as we dissect the latest happenings in the markets and examine how they relate to the global economy.

## Exploring Ingenious Weapon Systems
In addition to our economic analysis, we delve into fascinating topics, such as the United States government’s innovative weapon system. Learn about the rapid dragon, a cruise missile delivery method that operates from a cargo plane, capable of deploying missiles with a remarkable range. Could this system possibly carry nuclear weapons as well? It’s an intriguing question worth pondering.

## Market Insights and Analysis
Stay updated with the latest market developments. We provide insights into how the bond market impacts precious metals like gold and silver, which have experienced notable price increases recently. Additionally, we take a glance at the cryptocurrency market and explore the performance of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Furthermore, we examine the Dow Jones and crude oil prices, offering valuable analysis to help you make informed financial decisions.

Join us as we dissect economic trends, embrace the dynamic nature of our financial system, and prepare for what the future holds. Let’s navigate the charts with newfound knowledge and unlock the untapped potential of the global economy.

– 0:00 Introduction and the challenge of controlling inflation and deflation
– 3:45 Unveiling an ingenious weapon system
– 6:10 Market analysis: precious metals, cryptocurrency, Dow Jones, crude oil, and more



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  1. The bond yields falling indicate some huge entity is buying bonds. If high inflation is coming bonds are not good investments. Either this entity knows that there won't be high inflation or they are buying the bonds now to protect their value which stabilizes the system.

  2. Just wait . The FED has no control . Diesel price and possible railroad strike will put the lights out with no return . This last CPI was the last act of manipulation by the FED . One of the biggest dollar drops ever . China no longer going to accept US dollar and will be a falling knife from here . However the stupid market will melt up .

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