The Description of Search and Display Advertising, Behavioral Targeting, and Data’s Role by Hal Varian

**Title: How Search and Display Advertising Work: Insights from Hal Varian (Chief Economist, Google)**

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In this insightful video, Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google, provides a comprehensive overview of the practical workings of search advertising and display advertising. He delves into different types of ad targeting, emphasizing the role of data, particularly recent data, for effective behavioral targeting.

During the OECD roundtable on competition in digital advertising markets, held on November 30, 2020, Hal Varian lent his expertise as an expert panelist. To explore further materials on this topic, visit [OECD’s Comprehensive Digital Ad Market Resources](

## Key Takeaways:
– Understanding the distinction between search engines and search advertising
– How advertisers and users interact through keywords and queries
– Exploring the minimal personalization in search ads and the critical role of data
– Auction-based pricing mechanism for search ads
– Evolving ad ranking methodologies
– Differentiating between commercial and non-commercial search
– Overview of display ads and their convergence with the market
– Publisher involvement and ad network partnerships
– In-depth exploration of targeting methods for display ads
– Opt-out options for personalized ads
– Interest-based advertising and its implications for newspapers
– The importance of recency in behavioral targeting
– The impact of the internet on traditional revenue models for newspapers

For a complete transcript of the video, click [here](link-to-transcript-file).

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– [OECD Comprehensive Digital Ad Market Resources](
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In this video, Hal Varian (Chief Economist, Google) describes how search advertising and display advertising work in practice. He describes different types of ad targeting, and the role of data, and particularly recent data, for behavioural targeting. Hal Varian was an expert panellist in the OECD roundtable on competition in digital advertising markets on 30 November 2020. More materials on the topic are at

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