The Controversial Lifestyles of the Cornwallis-West Sisters

**Uncover the Scandalous History of the Cornwallis-West Family**

Welcome to Forgotten Lives! In this episode, we delve into the intriguing story of the Cornwallis-West family, a prominent British aristocratic family known for scandalizing society and forming alliances with some of the wealthiest and most influential lineages in the world.

From mysterious deaths to forbidden romances, the Cornwallis-West family’s history is filled with drama and intrigue that captivated the Victorian era.

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  1. “Dirty Bertie” certainly fit King Edward VII. I know that early marriage was a thing back in the 19th century, but a 30 something crown prince carrying on with a 16 year old is just disgusting.🤢 I’m glad Patsy was able to get something out of their relationship to “help” her family. Marrying for money is definitely not all that it’s hyped up to be!

  2. Thank you so much for covering Patsy and her family. She was Lillie Langtry's close friend and confidante along with Oscar Wilde. I am very intrigued by Mary–it would be wonderful to hear more about her, and her racing career, as she sounds quite gutsy and way ahead of her time!

  3. Ridiculous real estate. 400 rooms! You can't live in that. It's a museum rather than a home.
    I bet it was cold, the food was never warm. The kitchens are so far from the dining room the food is served cold.
    This was the way it was in Buckingham Palace. It took a half hour to get from the kitchen to dining area.
    When ppl hear about King Charles III ordering 7 soft boiled eggs started at different times was so he could get a bloody soft boiled egg that was not too hard, or soft or cold.
    The food doesn't go to waste. Someone eats the rest or puts it into a salad.

  4. 😂 you gave me a bit of a clue about my family history. My grandmother insisted that we were German despite speaking Polish at home growing up. Her grandparents came to the US in the late 1800s. When myself & my cousins did our dna (our dad's were brothers) we had no German ancestry & were actually Polish. The funny thing is that our dad's surname appeared to be German, except he was not either. The majority of the matches were in Silesia and lesser in the north of Poland. My grandmother's family also changed their last name to something that sounded more English.

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