The Challenges Ahead for Fundraising Growth Equity in 2023: Insights from Cherry Ventures CFO

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Are you worried about running out of cash and having to raise a big funding round? In this video, we’ll discuss the importance of preserving cash and driving your business towards profitability, especially in a down market. We’ll also explore the challenges of raising large amounts of money in today’s investor landscape.

As a company, it’s crucial to have a sustainable financial runway. Nobody wants to be the organization that only has three months of cash runway available. Raising significant amounts of funding, such as 100 million dollars or more, can be a challenging task in the current investment climate. There are fewer investors today who are able to write these big checks and invest such substantial amounts.

To avoid becoming overly dependent on external funding, it’s essential to focus on preserving cash and minimizing expenses. By closely examining your cost structures and optimizing them, you can significantly improve your financial position. This approach not only helps in the short term but also drives your business towards long-term profitability.

Creating a sustainable business model is never easy, especially when the market is going through a downturn. However, by strategically managing your finances and streamlining operations, you can position your company for success. Emphasize cash preservation, cost optimization, and profitability to attract investors and secure your company’s future.

For more insights into navigating the challenging funding landscape and driving your business towards profitability, watch the video above!

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