The Bank of Cyprus: Panicos Nicolaou’s Case Study on the Banking Sector in Cyprus

**Video Description: A New Chapter Ahead – Bank of Cyprus CEO at the Economist Impact’s Cyprus Investment Summit**

Panicos Nicolaou, the CEO of Bank of Cyprus, delivers a presentation at the Economist Impact’s Cyprus Investment Summit. He discusses the bank’s medium-term outlook, highlighting the attractive market conditions and opportunities in Cyprus. With a focus on growth, low corporate taxes, and a consolidated banking sector, Bank of Cyprus aims to position itself as a business hub for the Middle East and North Africa region.

In this video, Nicolaou presents key slides that showcase Bank of Cyprus’ market position and offerings. He discusses the bank’s role as a market leader in various sectors, including retail banking, corporate banking, insurance, and payment solutions. Additionally, Nicolaou highlights the bank’s digital engagement with clients and its strong foundation, emphasizing the bank’s profitability and asset quality.

Addressing the bank’s journey since the financial crisis in 2013, Nicolaou highlights the significant changes and improvements made by Bank of Cyprus. These include lowering impairment ratios, increasing liquidity, and returning to profitability. He also shares the bank’s tangible equity guidance for the future and its commitment to reducing risk, generating returns, and paying dividends.

The video concludes with a Q&A session, where Nicolaou discusses digitalization in banking and the impact of cryptocurrencies. While acknowledging the growth in digital banking services, he states that the adoption of cryptocurrencies is not a significant concern in Cyprus.

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Panicos Nicolaou, chief executive officer, Bank of Cyprus at the Economist Impact’s Cyprus Investment Summit: “A new chapter ahead”
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