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Learn how to build an impressive track record and effectively present it as a venture capitalist in this insightful deep dive with Michel Geolier, the renowned founder of Betterfront. Discover the profound significance of track records, the essential data required, and the comprehensive aspects that your track record should encompass. Avoid the top three mistakes commonly made by VCs, while embracing the power of storytelling as a pivotal element. Additionally, gain valuable insights on how to compensate for a limited track record, and unlock the potential for success.


## **Why Track Records Matter in Venture Capital**

The significance of a strong track record in the realm of venture capital cannot be overstated. In this video, Michel Geolier, the visionary founder of Betterfront, delves deep into the reasons why track records hold immense importance. With his vast experience in the VC industry, Geolier provides invaluable insights into how to create an impactful track record that exudes credibility and attracts potential investors.

## **Essential Data and Comprehensive Coverage**

To establish a trustworthy track record, specific data is required. Geolier unravels the precise information needed to build a compelling narrative around your accomplishments. This includes details such as successful investments, exit strategies, and returns on investment. By thoroughly covering all these aspects, you can highlight your ability to identify lucrative opportunities and generate substantial profits for your investors.

## **Steer Clear of Common VC Mistakes**

Michel Geolier shares the top three mistakes frequently made by venture capitalists and advises on how to avoid them. By understanding these pitfalls, you can transform your investment strategies and strengthen your track record. Geolier’s expertise illuminates the paths to success while guiding you away from potential setbacks that may hinder your credibility as a VC.

## **Harness the Power of Storytelling**

Storytelling plays a pivotal role in captivating an audience and presenting your track record in a memorable way. Geolier emphasizes the art of storytelling as a key component in effectively communicating your accomplishments and the progression of your investments. By mastering this technique, you can captivate potential investors and leave a lasting impression that sets you apart from other venture capitalists.

## **Compensating for a Limited Track Record**

For those who are new to venture capital or possess a thin track record, Geolier offers valuable advice on how to compensate for that lack of experience. Discover strategies and tactics to enhance your credibility, build trust with investors, and overcome potential obstacles. Geolier shares practical insights to help you leverage your strengths and excel in the competitive VC landscape.

Join us for an in-depth exploration of venture capital track records with Michel Geolier, and unlock the secrets to building an impressive track record that resonates with potential investors.

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Join us for a true deep dive on how to create and present your track record as a VC with Michel Geolier, founder of Betterfront.

We will cover everything from why track records are so important, what data’s required, what the track record should cover, top 3 mistakes made by VCs, why storytelling is key and how to compensate for a thin record (so far).

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