“The 41st Installment: A New Chapter Unfolds”

# Title: Exploring AKO’s Educational Offerings and Community Projects in Milton Keynes

## Introduction

Welcome to AKO TV! In this latest episode, we have an exciting lineup of regional specification manager, Ben Malton, and our sustainability lead, Lily Ellis, as they take us through a journey exploring all aspects of AKO’s supply chain, educational offerings, and community projects in Milton Keynes.

## Timestamps

– 00:00 – Introduction
– 01:24 – Case Study – Milton Keynes
– 06:19 – Community Update

## Educational Offerings and Supply Chain in Milton Keynes

Discover how AKO is shaping the future of expert installers through education and training. Follow Ben Malton, our regional specification manager, as he visits Milton Keynes College to discuss AKO’s support in the early stages of electrical installers’ careers. Join him in conversations with the college staff, including Donna Ginger Aiden Frazier and Clifford Clark, and find out how AKO’s partnership with the college provides the best possible start for aspiring electricians. Explore AKO’s commitment to continuous learning as Ben further visits City Electrical Factors and engages with account manager Lewis or Wood to discuss the strength of their ongoing partnership. Finally, witness Ben’s visit to Mears Housing and Care Providers, where he chats with electrical manager Craig Soper about the different ways AKO supports the industry, including their free CPD-accredited expert installer training.

## Creating Safer Homes through Education and Engagement

Milton Keynes is a city known for its growth, industry, and innovation. In this episode, we take an insightful look into how AKO fosters the creation of safer homes through education, training, and engagement with our supply chain partners, distribution partners, and installers. Hear from the professionals at Milton Keynes College as they express their excitement for AKO’s training programs that equip learners with the skills needed to excel in the electrical industry. Discover how AKO’s relationship with ACO Homelink plays a central role in providing the students with the best start in their careers. Join Ben Malton at CEF as he emphasizes the importance of having AKO stock readily available, ensuring a safe local environment with the correct smoke detectors and materials. Witness AKO’s dedication to developing relationships within Milton Keynes, like their collaboration with Mears, to meet obligations and create safer homes in the community.

## Community Update: Events and Projects

Lily Ellis, AKO’s sustainability lead, shares the exciting community events and projects happening this month. Learn about AKO’s engagement with primary and secondary schools, as they inspire young minds through wiring challenges, outdoor activities, and discussions about careers at AKO. Discover the support AKO provides to The Movement Center, a charity supporting children with movement disabilities, as AKO colleagues embark on a fundraising walk up Snowden to catch the sunrise. Get ready for the upcoming family fundraising festival on July 15th, where AKO joins forces with Little Stars and the Movement Center to host a day filled with circus performances, music acts, delicious food, and much more.

## Conclusion

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In our latest episode, we visit Milton Keynes where our Regional Specification Manager, Ben Malton visits all aspects of our supply chain to discuss our educational offerings.

Our Sustainability Lead, Lily Ellis also joined us to discuss all our latest Community projects and events, including our upcoming Family Fun Day, to get your tickets, please visit:

00:00 – Introduction
01:24 – Case Study – Milton Keynes
06:19 – Community Update

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