TES #4: Bruno Raillard d’Otium Discusses Artificial Intelligence and its Challenges

**Title: The Equity Story – Podcast Episode 4 – Exploring Artificial Intelligence in French Tech**

In this fourth episode of The Equity Story, the leading French podcast dedicated to venture capital and entrepreneurship, I am thrilled to have Bruno Raillard as a guest. Bruno, a partner at Otium Capital, is an experienced investor in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the recent Villani report and Macron’s plan, AI has become a hot topic, and in this episode, we delve into what AI is, its applications, business analysis, and France’s potential in this domain. Enjoy listening!

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[Hello everyone, and welcome to Listen to History, the first French podcast dedicated to the world of venture capital and the tech ecosystem. I release one episode per week, each lasting about 25-30 minutes. The podcast is available on iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, and on our Facebook page. Enjoy listening!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Listen to History, the first French podcast dedicated to the world of venture capital and entrepreneurship. Today, I am delighted to welcome Bruno Raillard, a partner at Otium Capital, a leading Paris-based venture capital fund, to discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI). As you may know, Emmanuel Macron recently announced a 20-25 billion euro investment plan in AI, following the Villani report by mathematician Cédric Villani. This technology has the potential to revolutionize various industries, and today we’ll explore it further with Bruno. But first, Bruno, can you briefly introduce yourself and what you do at Otium Capital?]

[Sure, Odium Capital is a venture capital fund that I launched three years ago with the aim of investing in early-stage startups. We mainly specialize in two areas. Firstly, we focus on technology startups that utilize software, network effects, and data to create highly scalable and defensible companies. Secondly, we have a strong preference for investing in French startups based in Paris. This proximity allows us to be highly active and reactive, and build a dense and valuable network. Today, Bruno and his team have done an excellent job investing in AI-driven companies, which is why they are our esteemed guests. We will discuss their investments in Doctrine and Source, two AI companies, later in the episode. Can we start by providing a brief definition of AI for those who are unfamiliar with it?]

[Of course. Simply put, Artificial Intelligence involves utilizing massive amounts of data to derive causal links and relationships, allowing a computer to draw conclusions and apply them to various situations. Unlike traditional software, which relies on deterministic rules and logic, AI involves creating statistical models based on numerous similar cases to predict outcomes. It enables computers to analyze, learn, and draw conclusions from images, text, and other forms of data. A key example is image recognition, as we often see on platforms like Google and Facebook. Google’s image search, for instance, displays images that have been associated with keywords in colossal databases. The computer has learned to identify certain features in images and classify them accordingly. The applications of AI range from autonomous vehicles to voice recognition, and from medical diagnostics to image recognition. It is important to note that AI, like many other technologies, originates from the military domain and has been shaped by various cycles and developments over the years. The recent surge in AI’s popularity can be attributed to advancements in computing power, data availability, and algorithmic improvements, among other factors.]

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Dans ce quatrième épisode de The Equity Story, le podcast francophone dédié au capital-risque et à entrepreneuriat, j’ai le plaisir de recevoir Bruno Raillard qui va nous parler d’Intelligence Artificielle (AI ou IA). Bruno travaille chez Otium Capital où il a investi dans plusieurs startups d’Intelligence Artificielle. Sur ce sujet brûlant d’actualité après le rapport Villani et le plan Macron, nous abordons ce que c’est que c’est que l’AI, ces applications, l’analyse de business AI et la carte à jouer de la France dans ce domaine. Bonne écoute !

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