Ted Cruz Criticizes Bernie Sanders and Democrats for Exaggerating Concerns About the End of Net Neutrality

**Title: Senate Commerce Committee Questions FCC Nominees on Net Neutrality – Forbes**


In this Senate Commerce committee hearing, Senator Ted Cruz raises concerns regarding Chair Jessica Rosenworcel’s handling of the end of net neutrality and the impact on a multi-billion dollar transaction[^1^]. Watch as he questions FCC nominees about the unprecedented decision to block a lawful transaction and bypass a full commission vote[^1^].

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*(Transcript of the video can be found in the video itself)*

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During a Senate Commerce committee hearing on Thursday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) questioned FCC nominees about the actions of Chair Jessica Rosenworcel and the end of net neutrality.

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  1. existentially speaking wind a speaker of the house says that the Secretary of state's top secret emails being stolen doesn't matter. a ranking senator says I don't give a damn about Hillary's emails. we have our truths instead of facts. I'm thinking some people committed treason or did some things. Bernie Sanders is a very rich man considering he's from a poor state of Vermont! it's an open carry state for guns but people are very poor. they go to New York to rob

  2. FORBES may be, so called independent as claimed by other news outlets like FoxNews, but like those other agencies, Forbes most definitely follows a far right agenda on how Forbes does their reporting.
    There is no objectivity in any fashion to their reporting.

  3. If I may say this: Miss GiGi was a plant that was designed to fail and lower morale within the FCC/telecommunications industry. The "fbi" investigation into investments made by telecomm owners into telecomm stocks is complete hog wash, if Nancy the Whale, the Biden Mafia, and pharmaceutical companies can all invest in stocks associated with federal entities, then so can telecomm. The root of all these issues again, the law makers and regulators involved that do everything except regulate corporations and labor laws, the people as usual are the only ones who suffer.

  4. Democrats only survive because every 5-10 years they threaten something, anything will be over, up to and including the world itself.
    I know the ice is melting, planes are crashing from Y2K and the ozone layer ceased to exist 20 years ago but Democrats need more money for gay child orgies.

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