Techcelerator Venture Talk: Episode 3 Featuring Ondrej Bartos, Partner at Credo Ventures

**Title: Venture Talk Podcast – Insights on Regional Investment Landscape**

Welcome to the third episode of Venture Talk Podcast, where we dive into the regional investment landscape and discuss the challenges and lessons learned from key players in the startup ecosystem. In this episode, our guest is Ondrej Bartos, Partner at Credo Ventures, sharing his valuable insights on what it takes to make successful investments in startups.

In the interview, Ondrej discusses various subjects, including his early experiences investing in the Czech Republic, stories about startups that didn’t work out as expected, what factors stop Credo Ventures from investing in a startup, the differences between the CEE region and Romania, advantages and disadvantages of receiving government funding, navigating the competitive venture capital ecosystem, changes in Credo’s investment thesis over time, dealing with risks specific to early-stage companies, risks associated with the Ukraine war, and advice for startups seeking funding.

Watch the full episode to gain valuable insights and learn from Ondrej’s expertise in venture capital investment.

**Topics Discussed:**
– Early days of investing in the Czech Republic
– Stories of startups that didn’t meet expectations
– Factors that determine investment decisions at Credo Ventures
– Differences between the CEE region and Romania
– Pros and cons of government funding for startups
– Navigating the competitive venture capital ecosystem
– Evolution of Credo’s investment thesis
– Dealing with risks in early-stage companies
– Risks associated with the Ukraine war
– Advice for startups seeking funding

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Hi there, tech addicts! 👋 We’re back with the third episode of our Venture Talk Podcast.

✨ Our guest is Ondrej Bartos, Partner @ Credo Ventures.

“When we invest, it’s always a combination of factors. What makes me invest? I think it’s fair to say many things have to fall in the right place. We have to like the space the startup is in. We have to believe that the solution to a problem is strong. That the opportunity is big enough, that the founders are great, they are solid executors, they can learn fast, and they listen to guidance. At the same time, we have to like them personally.”, says Ondrej.

Here are the main subjects of discussion for our third episode of Venture Talk:

● In his early days of investing in the Czech Republic, what was it like?
● Stories about startups that got away.
● What stops Credo Ventures from investing in a startup?
● What are some differences between the CEE region and Romania?
● What are some advantages and disadvantages of receiving money from the government?
● How do you navigate the competitive ecosystem of venture capital?
● How has changed in Credo’s investment thesis over time?
● How does Credo Venture deal with the risk specific to early-stage companies?
● What are the risks for investment generated by the Ukraine war?
● Some advice for startups who are looking for funding.

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