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# **Final Year Project: Creating a Content Management System for the Auric Department**


Welcome to our Final Year Project video! In collaboration with Dr. Bushra Bashir, our project focuses on developing a Content Management System (CMS) for the Auric Department at our university. This department is responsible for managing collaborations, research work, and sustainable development goals.

Currently, the Auric Department faces several challenges, including manual data handling, lack of record maintenance, and scheduling difficulties. To alleviate these problems, we propose the implementation of a robust CMS.

A CMS is a comprehensive solution that stores content in a database and organizes it using predefined templates, similar to a website. Our CMS will enable the department to generate reports, schedule events, and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to make data analysis more efficient.

By integrating AI technology, our CMS will automate the analysis of event data and employee information, resulting in easily accessible records. We plan to replace human agents with an AI chat bot, ensuring 24/7 availability to assist employees with inquiries. This AI bot will leverage integrated systems and databases to provide instant responses and support.

The main objectives of our CMS are to store and manage data, generate comprehensive reports, and visualize data by integrating with the department’s database. This will greatly enhance their research processes, making information more accessible and facilitating efficient decision-making.

Join us on this exciting journey as we develop a cutting-edge CMS for the Auric Department. Be sure to subscribe to our channel for updates on our progress and stay tuned for more insightful videos.

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