SV2: Empowering Social Ventures in Silicon Valley

**[Video Title] – SV2: Advancing Equity Through Philanthropy in Silicon Valley**

*Subtitle: Supporting Local Nonprofits and Building Social Impact*

In this enlightening YouTube video, Kwok Lau, Board Chair of SV2, provides an insightful overview of SV2’s impactful work in advancing equity and empowering Silicon Valley communities.

**About SV2**

SV2 is a visionary philanthropic organization dedicated to addressing the glaring gap between affluence and poverty in California’s tech-driven Bay Area. Despite the tremendous wealth generated by the tech boom, nearly a quarter of Silicon Valley residents struggle below the poverty line. SV2’s mission is to redirect philanthropy towards local nonprofits, ensuring that giving reaches those who need it most. Unlike traditional grants, SV2’s approach goes beyond financial contributions.

**Empowering Donors, Empowering Communities**

Through SV2’s community-driven model, donors are not merely passive contributors but engaged partners with local nonprofits. By participating in SV2, donors gain invaluable knowledge and enhance their capacity to create social impact by interacting with like-minded individuals. SV2’s grantees benefit from unrestricted, multi-year funding and invaluable connections to SV2’s extensive network. To date, SV2 has contributed over nine million dollars to 180 nonprofits and social enterprises, making a tangible difference in the lives of many.

**A Unique Approach**

Linda Prieto, a Grantee of SV2 and an SV2 Board member, shares her experience of SV2’s exponential effect on philanthropy. Unlike traditional grants, SV2’s model encourages additional support from donors towards SV2 organizations. Donors actively engage with grantees, providing skilled advising and board service, fostering capacity-building and advancing BIPOC leadership within the community. SV2’s philosophy is centered around equity and power-sharing, even involving grantee partners in grantmaking decisions.

**Driving Change and Enriching Communities**

SV2’s commitment to driving systemic change extends beyond its immediate impact. By inviting grantees onto its Board and encouraging its donors to engage in experiential learning focused on anti-racism and mindfulness, SV2 creates a ripple effect within the philanthropic landscape. By sharing power and challenging traditional philanthropic models, SV2 spreads its beyond-the-dollar approach and inspires other funders to adopt a similar mindset.


Discover how SV2 is revolutionizing philanthropy in Silicon Valley by fostering equity, empowering local nonprofits, and driving social impact. Join us on this transformative journey as we break free from traditional grant-giving and redefine what it means to create meaningful change in our community.

*To learn more about SV2 and their incredible work, visit their official website: [SV2 Website]*

– [SV2 Official Website](
– [Kwok Lau’s SV2 Profile](
– [SV2 Sustainable Impact Report](*

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