Strange Mindset of Our Society: Izhar ul Haq’s Perspective in Urdu Columns

**Title: The Strange Mindset of Our Society | Izhar ul Haq Urdu Columns**


In this thought-provoking video, Muhammad Izhar ul Haq, a renowned poet, columnist, and analyst from Pakistan, sheds light on the strange mindset prevalent in our society. With his vast knowledge and expertise in Urdu literature and journalism, Izhar ul Haq provides valuable insights on various social issues that plague our culture.

As a recipient of national and international recognition for his contributions, Muhammad Izhar ul Haq has been awarded prestigious literary and national honors, including Pakistan’s highest civil award, the Pride of Performance in 2008. With five published books of Urdu poetry to his name, he is known for his thought-provoking columns in the daily 92 News, titled “Talkh Nawai (تلخ نوائ)”.

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Throughout the video, Izhar ul Haq shares his latest insights, highlighting the issues that need urgent attention in our society. His articulate delivery and profound observations make this video a must-watch for anyone interested in understanding the current state of affairs in Pakistan.

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain meaningful insights into our society. Watch the video now and join the conversation.

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تعلیم یافتہ جاہل | Strange mindset of our society | Izhar ul Haq | Urdu Columns | Daily Voice Update

Muhammad Izhar ul Haq (born 14 February 1948) is a poet of Urdu language, a columnist and analyst from Pakistan. He has received national and international recognition for his contribution to Urdu literature and journalism, and has been awarded various literary and national awards, including Pakistan’s highest civil award Pride of performance in 2008, for his services in the field of literature and poetry. He has published five books of Urdu poetry and writes column in Daily 92 News, under the title “Talkh Nawai (تلخ نوائ)”

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