Spotlight on Talis Founder: Christoph Rieche, Co-Founder and CEO of iwoca

**Title: Christoph Rieche – Co-founder and CEO of iwoca | Founder Spotlight**


Welcome to the Talis Capital Founder Spotlight Series! In this episode, we have Christoph Rieche, the co-founder and CEO of iwoca, joining us to discuss the incredible journey of iwoca, their response to the COVID crisis, mental health support for business owners, and what’s next for the company.

**About iwoca:**

Based in London, iwoca is a leading provider of credit facilities for small businesses in the UK and Germany. Founded in 2011 by Christoph Rieche and James Dear, both former finance professionals, iwoca aims to bridge the gap left by big banks, offering fast and innovative lending solutions fueled by cutting-edge software.

Over the past ten years, iwoca has provided over £1.5 billion in funding to more than 50,000 businesses, demonstrating tremendous progress and commitment to empowering small business owners.

Watch the full video to gain insights into Christoph’s journey and how iwoca is revolutionizing the lending space with their technology-driven approach.

**Timestamped Topics:**

– [00:00] Introduction to Christoph Rieche and iwoca
– [02:15] The journey of iwoca over the past ten years
– [05:30] Impact of the COVID crisis on iwoca and small businesses
– [08:45] Supporting business owners’ mental health during challenging times
– [12:10] The vision for iwoca in the next five to ten years
– [14:45] The importance of automated lending and the role of machine learning
– [17:30] The launch of the new product, iwocaPay
– [20:15] Enabling financing through various platforms
– [22:30] Bringing finance to small businesses when and where they need it

For the full story and to learn more about Christoph Rieche and iwoca, visit the following links:

– [Medium: Founder Spotlight – Christoph Rieche, Co-founder and CEO of iwoca](
– [iwoca Official Website](
– [Talis Capital Official Website](

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Based in London, iwoca offers credit facilities to small businesses in the UK and Germany. Christoph founded iwoca in 2011 with James Dear: they were both working in finance when they noticed how small businesses were getting left behind by big banks. So, they quit their jobs and put together a team to invent a new type of lending service using lightning-fast software: one that would give small business owners a great experience while getting the finance they need.

Talis’ Vasile caught up with Christoph to hear about the company’s response to the COVID crisis, how they’re supporting business owners’ mental health, and what’s next for the company.

Read the full story here:


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