Solomon Introduces Legislative Measures to Foster Public Trust and Improve Transparency

# **[Video Title]: Paving the Way for Transparency in Pennsylvania’s Government – A Joint Effort by State Reps Jared Solomon and Malcolm Kenyatta**

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In this informative video, Pennsylvania state representatives Jared Solomon and Malcolm Kenyatta come together to highlight a comprehensive package of bills aimed at addressing good government issues and promoting transparency in the state. As passionate advocates for accountability and openness, they believe that by embracing the ethic of transparency, we can rebuild the public’s trust in our democracy.

The discussion encompasses various aspects of governance, from the vital process of redistricting to the journey of individuals becoming candidates for public office. Solomon and Kenyatta firmly believe that in order to foster trust in our political system, it is crucial to have better campaign finance laws in place and ensure the responsible management of taxpayer dollars. By holding elected officials accountable and promoting transparency, they aim to instill faith in the democratic process.

Transparency is the thread that runs through every step of Pennsylvania’s government, reinforcing the need to rededicate ourselves to openness. It is essential for the people living in legislative districts to have a voice in the decision-making process. The ultimate goal is to create a system that involves and empowers the citizens, promoting trust and engagement across the entire spectrum of elections and democratic processes.

[Watch the video](video_url) to gain a deeper understanding of the proposed bills and how Solomon and Kenyatta envision a future where transparency in Pennsylvania’s government is paramount.

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Pa. state Rep. Jared Solomon and state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta held a joint press conference highlighting their package of bills addressing good government issues and transparency. Solomon suggests more transparency is needed across the board from redistricting, campaign contribution limits, and holding public officials accountable.

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