Sofia HMICH, the Founder of Future Positive Capital, Speaking at Bpifrance Inno Generation Event

# Sofia Hmich on the Power of Conviction in Entrepreneurship

In this video, Sofia Hmich, the founder of Future Positive Capital, shares her insights on the importance of conviction in shaping successful entrepreneurial endeavors. Hmich defines conviction as a combination of knowledge and intuition, where the latter serves as a signal that our body understands before our brain analyzes it.

As an entrepreneur, Hmich believes that having strong convictions is crucial in making effective decisions and actions that can lead to significant improvements. She cites examples such as Galileo’s discovery of the sun at the center of the universe and Bill Gates’ early conviction in widespread computer ownership, both of which faced initial opposition but later proved vastly beneficial.

However, Hmich also notes that our society often discourages or undermines individual convictions in favor of conformity, leading to a culture where people are not encouraged to have personal opinions and convictions. This conformity, she says, can be seen in the failure to invest in impact financing and the prioritization of profit over social and environmental wellbeing.

Hmich emphasizes the need to distinguish conviction from belief or certainty, as conviction can be derived from both empirical evidence and intuition. For entrepreneurs, conviction allows for alignment between who they are and their choices, actions, and environment. Ultimately, Hmich encourages entrepreneurs to explore their own convictions and put them into action towards building a better future.

(Source: [Sofia Hmich on the Power of Conviction in Entrepreneurship](

Retrouvez l’intervention de Sofia HMICH, Fondatrice de Future Positive Capital, lors de Bpifrance Inno Generation, le 10 octobre 2019.

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