SMART IMPACT welcomes guest Arnaud Delattre from Starquest.

# SMART IMPACT Interview with Arnaud Delattre, President of Starquest Capital

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On May 16, 2022, SMART IMPACT had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Arnaud Delattre, President of Starquest Capital. In this interview, Delattre shares his insights into the world of impact investing and the intersection of technology and sustainability.

At Starquest, Delattre and his team focus on deep tech companies that are centered around protecting the planet and combating environmental and climate change issues. These innovative companies marry technology and sustainability, and Delattre believes that they are an essential component of finding solutions to environmental challenges.

In this interview, Delattre discusses recent financing examples, such as Ouaga Energy, a technology that extracts biomethane from landfills and purifies it for use, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels. Ouaga Energy is one of the many companies that Delattre and his team support, and they are committed to investing in companies that prioritize sustainability.

Through their impact investing strategy, Starquest aims to create a positive change in the world by supporting companies that make a difference. They believe that their success is rooted in their focus on the entrepreneur, their analysis of each company, and their commitment to transparency and honesty.

Recently, Starquest announced the first closing of their institutional fund, Starquest Protect. The fund focuses on companies that have already passed the primary risk stages and are experiencing significant commercial acceleration. This fund’s objective is to invest in companies that prioritize protecting against climate change, resource depletion, and digital nuisances, such as internet hate speech.

To learn more about impact investing and the work of Starquest Capital, watch the full interview on [SMART IMPACT’s YouTube channel](link-to-video).

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Lundi 16 mai 2022, SMART IMPACT reçoit Arnaud Delattre (Président, Starquest)

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