Siddharth Vora and Prabhudas Lilladher: Offering Conviction Capital Investment Advisory Services

## Conviction Capital: Investment Advisory by Prabhudas Lilladher

Welcome to this presentation on Conviction Capital by Sadat Vora, an MSC in Business Excellence from London and a chartered accountant and CFA. At a young age, Sadat has become an expert in investment strategy and product research, playing a crucial role in building a research stack that incorporates various parameters, filters, and scenarios.

Conviction Capital is a specialized investment advisory service specifically designed for family offices and high-net-worth individuals (HNIs). We provide a comprehensive range of advisory services tailored to each client’s individual needs. This includes asset allocation, portfolio construction, portfolio rebalancing, technical and derivative advisory, quant analysis, sectoral allocation review, mutual funds advisory, international equities, alpha generation, and trading strategy.

Since its launch on April 4th, Conviction Capital has already gathered assets under administration worth 60 crores. As more people understand the product and its nuances, we look forward to building a much larger assets under management (AUM) in the future.

Our offering includes strategic portfolios, thematic portfolios, dynamic multi-asset portfolios, MF portfolios, quant best portfolios, and curated advisory services personalized for family offices.

Our investment approach follows a top-down scientific methodology to balance four key parameters: protecting capital, creating wealth, generating alpha, and ensuring consistency. We have developed robust systems, processes, and frameworks backed by scientific research to enhance our decision-making capabilities.

Our investment process starts with the macro regime, where we utilize our proprietary indicator called Macro Meter. We then assess the market cycle using our proprietary quant indicator called PsyClometer to determine whether the markets are overvalued, undervalued, or in a specific phase. Asset allocation models are scientifically designed to determine the optimal allocation between equity, debt, gold, and international assets based on different phases of the economy and market.

We employ two key tools, Stock Grid and Value Meter, to formulate our portfolio strategy. We also use the prop framework to identify sectors and themes for investment, considering potential, resilience, outlook, and valuation. To understand market sentiment, we have developed a quantifiable model called Sentimeter. Our stock universe is selected using tools like Red Flag Grid Scorecard and Decade Decoder. Lastly, the Mosaic framework helps us shortlist stocks focusing on quality, growth, and modes.

Our focus on generating alpha is essential, as we believe that long-term value investing alone may be insufficient in a more efficient market driven by technology, algorithms, and quant funds. Therefore, we also emphasize short-to-medium-term profit booking to complement our long-term investment strategy.

Continuous portfolio review and rebalancing are crucial for optimal performance. Our Conquest framework enables us to review and rebalance portfolios effectively.

Since its launch, Conviction Capital has generated a return of 34.5% compared to the Nifty’s 18.2%, resulting in an alpha of 16%. Our unique strategy allows us to book short-term profits while building a long-term portfolio of market leaders.

Prabhudas Lilladher has invested significantly in innovation and technology over the past two years. Our research blends 75 years of wisdom with new-age technology, enabling us to create unique solutions and build deep moats that cannot be replicated quickly.

In this video, we provide a glimpse of our tools and frameworks, including Macro Meter, Industrial and Production Indicators, and many more. Our agile research approach ensures that we stay nimble, fast, and adaptable to changes in the market and economy.

Explore the world of Conviction Capital and let us help you achieve your investment goals. Join us on this journey towards financial success.

For more information about Prabhudas Lilladher and our Conviction Capital services, visit our [official website]( or follow us on [Twitter]( and [LinkedIn](

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