Sibling Pair of Great Danes Serve as Therapy Dogs at St. Cloud Hospital

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## Great Danes as Therapy Dogs: Spreading Love and Joy at St. Cloud Hospital

When it comes to therapy animals, most people envision labs, golden retrievers, or smaller dogs. However, St. Cloud Hospital is breaking the mold by introducing Great Danes into their therapy dog program.

In this heartwarming video, we meet Hulu and Tootsie, two gentle giants that have captured the hearts of patients, staff, and even a 3-year-old girl named Kelly. Standing taller than miniature horses, these amazing Great Danes are winning everyone over with their kindness and affection.

Owned by Wayne and Patricia, who used to show them in competitions, Hulu and Tootsie transitioned seamlessly into their roles as therapy dogs. They bring comfort and cheer to patients of all ages, including Wayne’s wife, who lives in a memory care facility. These visits not only brighten her day but also foster connections with other residents and staff.

Witness the incredible impact of Great Danes as therapy dogs at St. Cloud Hospital. From putting a smile on Kelly’s face before her surgery to providing companionship for older patients, these magnificent dogs have truly become a cherished part of the hospital community.

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When you think of therapy animals, you think of labs or golden retrievers, or even smaller dogs. You don’t really think of Great Danes.

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