Should LGBTQ+ Concerns Be Our Business? | Perspective Clips | Perspective Point Podcast

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In this clip from **Episode 2 (Series 1)** of the Perspective Point Podcast, Christopher and Khalid delve into a thought-provoking discussion about **LGBTQ+** and its significance in today’s society. Is it really none of our business, or is there more to it? Join us as we explore the complexities surrounding this topic.

*Disclaimer:* Perspective Point Podcast is an **independent self-funded podcast show**, not affiliated with any other organizations or third-parties.

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*Video Transcript Excerpt:*

“This isn’t actually an issue… I don’t understand why people can’t get on with it. Why do they have to stay within a box to please other people or tick the box? Why does it have to be propagated? I mean, I mean, I would understand if you want to look at it again from a critical perspective and a sensible perspective if you want to look at it, for example, from a legal perspective, even right according to legal laws now that exist, there’s no discrimination legally against, let’s say, for example, homosexuals.”

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Join Christopher and Khalid as they explore the complex and thought-provoking topic of LGBTQ+ in this episode of the Perspective Point Podcast. Gain insights into the societal significance, legal aspects, and the impact on individuals and communities. Subscribe now and be part of the conversation!

*Note: This video clip is from Episode 2 (Series 1) of the Perspective Point Podcast.*

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🚨 SUBSCRIBE to help support us with the latest episodes, hosting guests and to receive notifications of our newest episodes released every fortnight! 📺

In this clip from episode 2 (series 1), Christopher and Khalid discuss why is LGBTQ+ being propagated and is it really none of our business?

Disclaimer: Perspective Point Podcast is in no way affiliated with any other organisation or third-party. It is an independent self-funded podcast show.

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