*** SHOCKING VIDEO *** Driver Miraculously Escapes from Terrifying Rollover Accident in West Dennis

***WATCH*** Driver Self-Extricates from Alarming Rollover in West Dennis

[![Driver Self-Extricates from Alarming Rollover](thumbnail-image.jpg)](video-link)

In this adrenaline-pumping video, witness a heart-stopping rollover crash that took place in West Dennis! The incident was initially reported as a person possibly being ejected from the vehicle, with live wires down. However, the reality was both shocking and relieving.

At approximately 3:40 a.m., emergency personnel rushed to the scene near 374 Route 28. To their surprise, they found the driver, an adult male, sitting on the side of the road, conscious and alert. Despite the seriousness of the crash, the driver had managed to extricate himself from the wreck and didn’t believe he required hospitalization. Thanks to his quick thinking, what could have been a catastrophic incident turned into a remarkable escape.

The driver was later transferred to Cape Cod Hospital to evaluate non-life-threatening injuries. Initial communications between officers painted a grim picture, but thankfully, the situation turned out far better than anticipated. The Dennis Police Department is currently investigating the crash, and more details will be provided as they are released.

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WEST DENNIS – [HN NOTES] – It came in as a person possibly being ejected from a rollover crash, with live wires down. It turned out to be neither of those horrible things, but a serious crash nonetheless.

The single vehicle crash happened in the vicinity of 374 Route 28 at around 3:40 a.m. this morning. The first police officers on scene found the adult male driver sitting on the side of the road, conscious and alert. The call suddenly had gone from one with potentially catastrophic injuries to a driver who self-extricated, reportedly feeling he didn’t even need to go to the hospital. The driver was in the back of a Dennis FD ambulance when HN arrived on scene. He was sitting up, apparently speaking with EMTs. It was a huge relief for all involved, seeing that the driver very likely had just escaped serious injuries. MedFlight was not needed, and it’s a good thing because they were not able to fly this morning because of adverse weather conditions.

The driver ended up being transported to Cape Cod Hospital for evaluation of injuries not believed to be life-threatening. Again, huge relief – as you’ll hear in the following HN Video, initial radio transmissions painted a grim picture. Thank God it wasn’t!

As you will hear, the investigating patrolman apparently requested an arrest number for a summons, along with an accident number. The crash is being investigated by the Dennis Police Department. There were no further details available at the time of this report. HN will provide updated official details as they become available.


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