Sequans’ Management Success: The Decisive Cap

# **The Story of Sequence Communications: From Ymax to LTE Pioneers**
Are you interested in the technological breakthroughs powering our modern world? Do you want to know how a semiconductor pure play 4G company led the development of the first smartphone? Then tune in to this riveting interview with George Karem, the CEO of Sequence Communication, and co-founder of the technology giant Squash Communication.

## **Background and Company History**
In this video, George Karem shares his personal story, starting with his background, and leading to the inception of Sequence Communication in 2003. Karem explains how Ymax, a major company at the time, paved the way for their company’s success with their groundbreaking technology, and how Sequence became a leader in the space. He also details how Cable Seive was the first VC to invest in Sequence and supported the company’s restructuring.

## **Moving Forward with LTE and IoT**
The interview delves into the importance of investing in reserve and supporting the company during all phases of development, and the role Cable Seive played in that process. Karem also discusses the company’s plans for the future, which include LTE and IoT development, with a focus on category M solutions.

## **Trustworthy Recommendation**
As Karem concludes the interview, he highly recommends the venture capital firm Cap decisive for startups looking for support. Cap decisive played a pivotal role in Sequence’s growth and development, and Karem values their input and advice during the company’s stages of growth.

Don’t miss out on this informative interview, full of insights into the world of entrepreneurship and technological advancement!

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14 dec 2015

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