Securing Startup Funding in Sweden with J12 Ventures

# Emmet King, Founding Partner at J12 Ventures: What We Look for When Investing

In this video, Emmet King, one of the founding partners at J12 Ventures, shares valuable insights into what they look for when investing in early-stage startups. As a Stockholm-based fund, J12 Ventures focuses on pre-seed and seed stage investments, ranging from €100,000 to €2 million.

**Stockholm: A Hub of Innovation**

Stockholm stands out as the third most invested city in Europe, and per capita, it boasts the highest level of investment. This makes it an ideal location for startups and investors alike. However, it’s worth noting that the startup scene in Sweden as a whole is thriving, presenting an abundance of exciting opportunities for founders and investors.

**Seeking Exceptional Founders and High-Growth Potential**

Venture capital is all about seeking outsized returns and taking calculated risks. J12 Ventures looks for founders who possess exceptional qualities, demonstrate unique market insights, and target significant market opportunities. They also seek out founders who are working on innovative products that have the potential for exponential growth compared to existing alternatives.

**Founder-Market and Founder-Product Fit**

Apart from evaluating the founder’s vision, J12 Ventures assesses the fit between the founder and the market they are targeting, as well as the fit between the founder and their product. The strength of these alignments is crucial for long-term success.

**Attracting Capital, Talent, and Customers**

J12 Ventures aims to invest in teams that have the ability to attract significant capital, exceptional talent, and a wide range of stakeholders needed to build a large-scale company. Competition for talent is fierce, so the team’s ability to magnetize the best minds is considered a strong factor.

**Pitch Deck Tip**

For those looking to put together a compelling pitch deck, Emmet King recommends checking out a helpful templating guide prepared by his colleague, Lucas. You can find this guide on the J12 Ventures [Medium page](

Whether you’re a founder seeking investment or an investor looking for valuable insights, this informative video offers a wealth of knowledge on what J12 Ventures seeks in potential investments.

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Emmet King, Founding Partner at J12 Ventures speaks about what they are looking for when investing – at the recent Founder Institute Sweden event.

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