Sebi’s Surveillance Plan: Exploring Web Intelligence Tools

**India’s Market Regulator Deploying Web Intelligence Tool for Enhanced Surveillance**

India’s market regulator, Sebi, has taken a significant step towards strengthening surveillance of social media and online platforms with the deployment of a cutting-edge ‘web intelligence tool’. This tool aims to uncover potential violations of securities laws by individuals, groups, and other entities.

But what exactly is web intelligence? According to Sebi, this powerful tool offers advanced solutions for extracting and analyzing unstructured publicly available data, allowing for deep intelligence insights. By streamlining the analysis process and improving efficiency, it promises to save valuable time in investigations.

One key feature of web intelligence is its ability to visualize data in the form of a network chart, enhancing comprehension and enabling users to interact with the information.

How does web intelligence work? This state-of-the-art tool utilizes a combination of AI, database management, semantic web, and information retrieval technologies to sift through massive amounts of data collected from the internet. By identifying and extracting only the relevant information, it provides accurate and targeted results.

To learn more about the ‘web intelligence’ tool and its impact on the market, watch the full video.

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India’s market regulator, Sebi, has reportedly decided to deploy a ‘web intelligence tool’ to increase surveillance of social media and other online platforms. The intention is to probe violations of securities laws by individuals, groups, and other entities.

Watch full video to know about ‘web intelligence’ tool and how it work

Read the full story here:

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