Savana’s RWE Insights in Drug Discovery Space Earns Cathay Innovation’s Continued Trust

### **Cathay Innovation Renews Trust in Savana with $25M Funding Round**

![Savana AI](

[Cathay Innovation]( continues to place its faith in [Savana]( as the global medical company announces its latest $25M funding round. As a frontrunner in the development of innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, Savana is committed to unleashing the untapped potential of clinical data.

These additional funds will empower Savana in its mission to enhance medical knowledge and pave the way for predictive healthcare. With a focus on predictive medicine and advanced drug research and development, Savana aims to solidify its presence in the American and Western European markets.

This exciting development comes as Savana takes bold strides towards revolutionizing healthcare and transforming patient outcomes. Savana leverages cutting-edge AI technologies to unlock valuable insights buried within extensive clinical data, providing healthcare professionals with enhanced decision-making capabilities.

By investing in this funding round, Cathay Innovation demonstrates a firm belief in Savana’s vision and its potential to revolutionize the healthcare landscape. Together, they aim to drive innovation, accelerate advancements in medical science, and improve patient care globally.

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Cathay Innovation has renewed its trust in Savana for its latest $25M funding round. Savana is a global medical company developing innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to unlock the clinical value embedded in clinical data. The additional funds will enable Savana to accentuate its leadership in improving medical knowledge while moving towards predictive healthcare, entering the drug research and development space and consolidating its footprint in America and Western Europe.

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