Russian Progress: A Comprehensive Military Summary and Analysis for June 23, 2023

**Title: Military Situation in Ukraine on June 23, 2023 – Analysis and Updates**


Welcome to the Military Summary channel! In this short video, we will discuss the significant events that transpired in Ukraine over the past 12 hours. Stay updated on the latest developments in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

***Timestamp***: June 23, 2023

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Hello, dear friends! Welcome to the Military Summary channel. In this video, we will discuss the most important events that unfolded during the past 12 hours in Ukraine.

Previously, we discussed how the Ukrainians, after suffering significant losses in the Parochi area, made the decision to launch a wave of mobilization. Known as a “total mobilization,” at least three regions in Ukraine have already announced its implementation. Find more details in our previous reports and on our Google Doc.

Additionally, the Ukrainians launched an attack against the Crimea bridges that connect Crimea with the Zaparosia area. The Russians have published a video of this attack, showcasing the use of Storm Shadow missiles. These attacks were carried out by the Clean Air Forces from the airfields in Milnitsky and Star Constantinofka. The Russian forces successfully retaliated last night with a missile attack on these airfields. Updates from the Ministry of Defense Russian Federation are forthcoming.

On the ground, the Ukrainians continue their small-scale storming operations along the combat line. However, these attacks are not as intense as during the initial counteroffensive operation. Ukrainian forces are launching attacks from Gulepolia and Cheriveness towards Mariacha, but the Russians have been successful in repelling them. The situation remains unchanged.

In the northern part of Ukraine, Ukrainian forces continue to accumulate their strength, bolstering their forces. The Russians have established small fortifications but have been unable to push the Ukrainians back. We anticipate further updates from this area.

Moving further, the Ukrainians continue their tactical attacks on Russian positions near Makarov, Novo Danetska, and other locations. The Russians have successfully repelled these attacks and are in control of certain settlements, such as Origin. Western mappers have reported Russian advancements in several areas, particularly around Sporne and Bidistova, aiming to disrupt Ukrainian logistics.

The ongoing clashes between Russian and Ukrainian forces in the trenches have intensified. Disturbingly, we have received reports that the Ukrainian 42nd Mechanized Brigade, trained with Western countries, has been completely defeated and destroyed. The Russian forces overwhelmed this brigade, forcing the Ukrainians to replace them with the 90th Mechanized Brigade.

It is important to note that there are differences between our understanding of the situation and that of some Western analysts. Differences in control and territories exist, particularly in the vicinity of Criminal Forest. For now, we await further confirmation on these discrepancies.

Stay tuned for further updates on the evolving military situation in Ukraine. Don’t forget to follow us on our various platforms for the latest information and analysis.


– [Ministry of Defense Russian Federation](

This video describes the military situation in Ukraine on the 23rd of June 2023
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