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# Koning Filip Visits Special Operations Training in Jordan with SOR

Zijne Majesteit Koning Filip reinforced the capabilities of the Special Operations Regiment (SOR) during his visit to the Agile Apex training exercise in Jordan on June 13 and 14. The regiment works to execute various forms of special operations against a wide range of threats worldwide.

## La Défense and Defensie

As part of La Défense and Defensie, the SOR plays a crucial role in protecting the sovereignty of its country. The exercise in Jordan is part of their training period to ensure that they are always prepared to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

## Experiencing Special Operations Training

In this video, you can experience Koning Filip’s visit to the Agile Apex training exercise. The training program is designed to enhance the SOR’s ability to execute a wide variety of special operations, and Koning Filip witnessed firsthand how it’s done.

## Full Transcript

If you would like to read the full transcript of the video, click [here](insert link here).

Watch the video to learn more about how the Special Operations Regiment is preparing to keep their country safe and secure.

– [La Défense](insert link here)
– [Defensie](insert link here)

[NL] Zijne Majesteit Koning Filip bezocht op 13 en 14 juni oefening Agile Apex, in Jordanië. Dankzij deze trainingsperiode versterkt het Special Operations Regiment (SOR) haar vermogen om verschillende vormen van speciale operaties uit te voeren tegen een breed scala aan bedreigingen over de hele wereld.
[FR] Sa Majesté le Roi Philippe a visité l’exercice Agile Apex, en Jordanie, les 13 et 14 juin. Grâce à cet entraînement, le Régiment d’opérations spéciales (SOR) renforce sa capacité à mener diverses formes d’opérations face à un large éventail de menaces dans le monde entier.

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