Rohit Parchuri from Yext Discusses the Human Side of Being a CISO in Hetz Presentation

# Hetz Presents – Episode 2: Rohit Parchuri, CISO at Yext Talks Cybersecurity

In episode two of Hetz Presents, we sit down with Rohit Parchuri, the CISO and Senior Vice President for Cybersecurity at Yext, to discuss his journey in the tech industry and his approach to cybersecurity. Rohit shares insights on how his first job taught him the importance of the dignity of labor and persistence, skills that have helped him in his cybersecurity career.

Rohit’s approach to cybersecurity is rooted in empathy and transparency. He believes that everything in business starts and ends with the human and that we need to be transparent with our customers and build trust to create successful security programs.

During the interview, Rohit dispels a cybersecurity myth and shares tips on how to foster a culture of security within an organization. He also highlights a gap in the cybersecurity market and warns against the biggest mistake a startup founder can make when pitching to him.

Tune in to learn from Rohit’s experience and approach to cybersecurity.

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“Everything starts with a human and ends with a human.” That kind of talk is the mark of a leader!

We spoke to #RohitParchuri, CISO at Yext about his #cybersecurity experience – from his first job to becoming a leader, how viewing everything through the lens of being human comes first, how the media is damaging the truth about cybersecurity, and much more.

00:00-00:06 – Meet Rohit
00:08-1:49 – What was your first job? What did it teach you that you still use today?
1:50-3:18 – What’s an unexpected lesson from your experience in cyber?
3:19-4:17 – One word to describe your approach to cybersecurity
4:18-5:50 Dispel a cybersecurity myth
5:51-6:55 How do you foster a culture of security in your organization?
6:56-8:09 What’s a gap in the cybersecurity market?
8:10-9:45 What’s the biggest mistake a startup founder can make when pitching you?
9:46-10:32 What do you do for fun?

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