Robert Kennedy Jr, a US Presidential Candidate, Embracing Bitcoin

**Robert Kennedy Jr’s Family Discloses Bitcoin Holdings**

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. is a well-known American environmental lawyer and politician, who is also a presidential candidate for 2024. He has gained significant popularity in the crypto sector due to his pro-Bitcoin stance.

**Financial Disclosure Reveals Bitcoin Investment**

In a filing dated June 30, a financial disclosure revealed that Francis Kennedy and his family held Bitcoin (BTC) valued between $100,001 and $250,000. According to the disclosure, they earned less than $201 from this investment. However, the report did not provide details about when the Bitcoin was purchased by Kennedy or his family.

**Clarification: Kennedy Collects Bitcoin Donations, Does Not Hold Bitcoin Himself**

A report from CNBC confirmed that Francis Kennedy himself is not holding Bitcoin. Instead, he is collecting Bitcoin donations for his presidential campaign through his wife’s Bitcoin wallet. Kennedy openly expressed his support for the Bitcoin industry and announced that he would accept Bitcoin for his election campaign about a month ago.

**Kennedy’s Ongoing Support for Bitcoin**

Kennedy has been showing consistent support for Bitcoin during public events. Notably, he criticized the proposed 30% crypto tax measures by the Biden administration in May. He believes that Bitcoin serves as a bulwark against totalitarianism and the manipulation of our money supply, emphasizing its potential to promote transparency within government institutions.

During the Bitcoin Miami 2023 conference, Kennedy expressed his commitment to becoming a pro-Bitcoin US president if elected in the 2024 presidential election.

**Crypto Support Among US Presidential Candidates**

Numerous reports have highlighted how many US presidential candidates are demonstrating support for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, either directly or indirectly, in order to gain favor from the crypto community ahead of the 2024 election. Current US President Joe Biden, however, has not made any pro-Bitcoin statements in the past and has supported bills that are unfavorable to the crypto sector. Consequently, many crypto companies are relocating their operations from the US market to other countries with clearer rules and regulations.


Robert Kennedy Jr.’s financial disclosure reveals his family’s Bitcoin holdings, valued between $100,001 and $250,000. While he does not personally hold Bitcoin, Kennedy accepts Bitcoin donations for his presidential campaign through his wife’s wallet. The ongoing support for Bitcoin from US presidential candidates demonstrates the growing importance of cryptocurrencies in the political landscape. However, the current US administration’s stance on crypto has led to uncertainty in the market, prompting many crypto companies to relocate to countries with more favorable regulations.

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