Ricardo Lorenzo of Parsons: Recipient of 2023 Chief Officer Awards

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**Ricardo Lorenzo**, the Chief Technology Officer of **Parsons Corp.**, has been announced as the winner of the **2023 Chief Officer Award** in the **Public Company** category by **WashingtonExec**[^1^]. This prestigious award celebrates influential and innovative executives in government and industry, recognizing their exceptional contributions in the C-suite[^1^].

The award ceremony, known as the **Chief Officer Awards**, was held at the luxurious Ritz Carlton in McLean. With **535 attendees** present, this in-person luncheon provided a remarkable opportunity for industry leaders to come together and commemorate the achievements of outstanding professionals[^1^].

In addition to the winners from the government and industry sectors, **Sudhakar Kesavan**, Chairman of the Board of Directors at ABM Industries, Inc., board member of Cadmus Group and Dexis Consulting Group, was honored with the esteemed **2023 Chief Officer Awards Lifetime Achievement Award**[^1^]. Kesavan’s brilliant career as the CEO of ICF for an impressive 21 years solidifies his position as an industry stalwart[^1^].

This year’s awards ceremony was emceed by **Maximus CEO, Bruce Caswell**, adding an extra touch of expertise and professionalism to the event[^1^].

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“Thank you! Public company Chief Technology Officer of the year, and the winner is **Ricardo Lorenzo** from **Parsons Corp**. I want to thank the WashingtonExec community and, of course, the Parsons family for this honor. So, thank you very much, thank you.”

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Ricardo Lorenzo, chief technology officer of Parsons Corp., has won WashingtonExec’s 2023 Chief Officer Award for Chief Technology Officer in the Public Company category.

WashingtonExec on May 10 unveiled the winners of the Chief Officer Awards, an annual program that celebrates influential and innovative executives in government and industry in the C-suite. The event took place at McLean’s luxurious Ritz Carlton, where 535 attendees came together for a memorable in-person luncheon. 

Along with the government and industry winners, Sudhakar Kesavan, chairman of the board of directors at ABM Industries, Inc. and board member of Cadmus Group and Dexis Consulting Group, was honored with the 2023 Chief Officer Awards Lifetime Achievement Award. This award recognizes the career of a longtime, influential and impactful CEO, as Kesavan served as ICF CEO for an impressive 21 years, making him a true industry stalwart. Maximus CEO Bruce Caswell served as the emcee for this year’s awards ceremony.

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