Revving Up Startup Growth Across Europe: A Fascinating Talk with Ben Marrel, Co-Founder of Breega

# Building Covid-proof Products and Services: A Deep Dive into the European VC Market with Breega Capital

Are you a founder wondering how to build products and services that can withstand the current pandemic crisis? Or, are you a VC looking to help fuel startups in this tough market? Tune in for an epic chat with Ben, MP, and Co-founder at Breega Capital as we explore the European VC market.

## The Epic Pledge for Social Good

Before diving into the conversation, let’s talk about the Epic Pledge. It’s a promise made by VCs and founders to give a small percentage of their carry or equity from an exit to social good. It’s not legally binding, but rather a commitment made to oneself, with the opportunity to join a community of like-minded people.

Give back while staying focused on your business and join the Epic Pledge today.

## Featuring High Impact Organizations

At Epic, we fight to change the lives of disadvantaged children and youth around the world through our portfolio of high impact organizations. In this video, we feature Arjun Khan, a French organization bridging the reading gap between underserved children and their peers. In the UK, we have The Brilliant Club, helping underrepresented pupils progress to highly selective universities. We encourage you to click the donation link and give generously, as this week, Ben has pledged to match all donations up to 5k.

## Deep Dive into the European VC Market

Back to our conversation with Ben, who launched his first startup in 2009 during the last economic crisis. Today, he shares his experience and insights into how crises can be an opportunity to reflect on what’s important and to make a change. Join us for a deep dive into the European VC market and learn how to build Covid-proof products and services.

Don’t forget to ask our guests your burning questions during the AMA. Add them to the questions tab and join our community of like-minded individuals.

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Epic Pledge // What can founders do to build Covid-proof products and services? How are VC’s like Breega helping to fuel startups through the current crisis? How has the ecosystem changed over the years and where is it heading? Tune in for a deep dive on the European VC market with Ben, MP and Co-founder at Breega Capital.

Breega’s story began in 2013 when three serial entrepreneur friends decided to get together to build a different kind of VC experience. They wanted to “Bridge the Equity and Experience Gap” in Europe.

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