Revolutionizing Local Deals, Proximity Marketing, and Sales with a Mobile-Optimized Platform

****: Simplify and Supercharge Your Local Business Marketing Efforts!

Are you a local business owner looking to boost your marketing game? Look no further than! Our powerful platform offers a comprehensive suite of marketing systems designed to help your business thrive.

**Navigate the Dashboard Menu**
– The Deals Marketing System
– The Coupon System
– The Check-In Reward System
– Real Estate Property Selling System

From your dashboard, access these built-in features that will take your marketing to the next level!

**Deals Creation Software** – Easily create and share deals via mobile, reaching customers wherever they are.

**Coupon System** – Create customized coupons and gather valuable information from your customers.

**Digital Business Card Design** – Create a basic business card that can be easily shared via mobile.

**Video Creation** – Enhance your ad campaigns with engaging videos created right from the platform.

**Page Builder** – Create automated pages directly for your business, saving you time and effort.

**Complete Real Estate Marketing Suite** – Real estate agents will benefit from PPC Ads and Video campaigns to reach more potential buyers.

**Rewards System** – Engage your audience and shoppers with a loyalty rewards program that automates the redemption process.

Experience the power of now and discover the advantages it offers for your local business. [Click here to gain access!](

Want to learn more about our specialized features for Real Estate Selling and Real Estate Agents? [Go here]( to find out how our platform can revolutionize your real estate marketing!


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**Video Transcript**:
*Please refer to the video for the full transcript.*

Hello and welcome to Zap Local Platform. In this video, we will explore the advantages of using our platform to help your local business thrive.

Upon logging into your dashboard, you will see four menus at the top that offer various features. The first menu allows you to easily create deals that are mobile-friendly and can be easily shared.

The second menu is the coupon system, which allows you to create coupons and collect custom fields from customers who want to access them. You can even add a secret code for redemption.

Next, we have the Rewards System, where you can set up promotions such as “Buy 2 get the 3rd free”. The system is automated, making the process seamless for both you and your customers.

For real estate agents, our platform offers a complete marketing suite with features such as PPC Ads and campaigns, making it easy to reach potential buyers.

You also have access to a digital business card builder, video creation tools, and a page builder that automates the creation of pages for your business.

To learn more about our platform and its features, along with specific questions, demos, and pricing options, please get in touch with the representative who contacted you about this product.

Thank you for considering We wish you a blessed day!

**To watch the video and learn more, visit [](**. is happy to deliver a simple dashboard with multiple marketing systems that was built for local business owners.

What are the advantages of getting our platform, and how it can help your local business thrive?

Navigate the Dashboard Menu

► The Deals Marketing System
► The Coupon System
► The Check-In Reward System
► Real Estate Property Selling System

From your dashboard, access these built in features: Want access –

□ Deals Creation Software – allows you to create deals that can be easily shared via mobile

□ Coupon System – create your coupon, add custom fields; like name, information that you want to collect from your people who would want to access your coupon.

□ Digital Business Card Design – business card will let you create a basic business card that you can share Via mobile.

□ Video creation – The ‘video part’ will actually let you create videos and add them to your ad campaign.

□ Page Builder – The ‘pages system’ will allow you to create an automated page directly for your business.

□ Complete Real Estate Marketing Suite – Specifically built for Real Estate Agents, this feature lets the agents run PPC Ads and Video campaigns. Send their listings to a lot of other people very easily that’s how it works.

□ Rewards System – This feature lets your audience and shoppers come and join the reward system.
(a) When they go to your store, with their mobile phones, they are going to see something like this. The way it works is when you check it in, you will also be able to check in with a secret code.
(b) People click on REDEEM, they’ll have to fill out this information. Once they do that you’ll be able to approve the leads as well.
(c) Example: Buy 2 get the 3rd free. Everything is automated

To learn more, go to
To learn more about our Real Estate Selling and Real Estate Agents Feature go to

A complete system purpose built for local business marketing.

Nearby Platform Is A Powerful, New 5-In-One Software that has the features and the power to kickstart and boost your local marketing efforts.

Easy to use, versatile platform lets you create, manage and market locally. Here are some key uses:

► Mobile and SEO optimized content for mobile devices.
► For Social Media, QR codes, NFC and proximity marketing.
► Business Pay Per Click Marketing
► Business Product Review Video Marketing
► Business Web URL to Video Marketing
► Corporate Photo and Video Branding
► Review The Video Below To See The Simplicity …


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