Revolutionizing Data Journalism: Unleashing Data, Mastering Big Data, Engaging Visual Storytelling, and Beyond

**Title:** Advancing Data Journalism: Insights from Innovative Newsrooms | Sigma Awards Panel Discussion

**Description:** Discover how newsrooms on the cutting edge of data journalism are pushing boundaries, expanding collaborations, and engaging audiences in new ways. In this panel discussion organized in association with Sigma Awards, experts share their experiences and insights. Join us as we dive into the projects that won the Sigma Awards 2023 and explore the techniques and technologies used to produce them. Learn from the collective knowledge of the data journalism community and be inspired to take your journalism to the next level.

Foreign testing testing can we start hi everyone good afternoon welcome to the first of the three panels that will be featuring the winners of Sigma Awards my name is Greg sir guangking you can just call me King I’m actually the data editor at the polizza center but today I’m here in my Capacity as the competition officer of Sigma Awards and I believe many of you should know here that this Sigma Awards is the only Global competition for data journalism and this award is supported by Google so thank you very much today we are going to talk about some of The projects that won the sigma Awards 2023 so today we have three winners here we also have another panel tomorrow as well as the day after talking about other projects that won the awards so today I’m it’s my pleasure to have three speakers here they are class Von daiken the co-founder And director of Lighthouse reports we have our grits cutsman editor-in-chief of streets block we also have Claudia Baez co-founder and CEO of question publica and just to let everyone know that you can find all the details of all the winning projects on the website of Sigma Awards

Please visit the [Sigma Awards]( website for more information and to explore all the winning projects, including the additional submissions and their descriptions.

In this panel discussion, we will delve into the winning project called “Uncovering the Malia Massacre,” a visual investigation into a shocking event that took place on June 24th last year. Join class Van Dyke, Claudia Baez, and Gersh Kuntzman as they share insights into their innovative journalism approaches. The projects’ details, committee’s comments, and the techniques and technologies utilized can be found on the Sigma Awards website, offering a collective knowledge hub for the data journalism community.

Discover how open-source investigators, data scientists, and journalists collaborate, utilizing specializations such as 3D modeling and open investigations. Lighthouse Reports, known for their groundbreaking projects, worked together with numerous media outlets from Europe, including Alpace, Spiegel, and Lemon, as well as independent journalists from Sudan and Spain. The comprehensive research and reconstruction of the Malia Massacre were made possible through the collection of over 150 videos and the creation of a detailed 3D model.

Witness the powerful impact of data-driven journalism as surviving individuals, guided by the 3D model, provide crucial information about the events that unfolded. The panelists will also share how collaborations and partnerships played a vital role in shedding light on this tragic incident, despite the challenges faced in obtaining official responses.

Join us for an engaging and enlightening discussion, exploring the potential of data journalism to expose truths and spark change. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the pioneers in the field and leverage their experiences to enhance your own data journalism endeavors.


Data journalism is never static. Innovative newsrooms are always pushing boundaries, sometimes in simply finding and using existing datasets, sometimes expanding collaborations across borders, and sometimes finding new ways to engage audiences. Listen to the experiences of some of the newsrooms on the cutting edge of data journalism around the world. Organised in association with Sigma Awards.
Con: Claudia Baez (co-founder and CEO Cuestión Pública), Kuek Ser Kuang Keng (data editor Rainforest Investigations Network), Gersh Kuntzman (editor-in-chief Streetsblog), Klaas van Dijken (co-founder and director Lighthouse Reports)

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